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If you've recently experienced job loss, especially at the executive level, here's an opportunity in franchise ownership that warrants your attention. You'll enjoy;

  • Being part of a $30 billion industry
  • Having residential and commercial customers
  • High margins, and low overhead
  • Predictable yearly revenue stream
  • Personalized marketing programs

Are you at least mildly interested? Would you consider becoming a franchise owner?

Fortunately for you, most would-be franchise owners don't really give this franchise concept a good enough look. That may bode well for you, as there may be prime territory right in your own backyard!

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"Backyard." That's a hint to what type of business this is, and actually what this business isn't.

What it is, is Spring-Green Lawn Care, out of Chicago. It's a 33-year old company that's stood the test of time.

What it isn't, is a franchise where you're the one doing all the physical work. (But at first glance, you may think that you're the one adding nutrients to your customer's yards-keeping them lush and green.)


The folks at Spring-Green Lawn Care have just launched their Executive Model franchise offering. James Young, (Spring-Green's President) told me that "It's a way to appeal to management-orientated businesspeople." I think he's on to something.

As a franchise consultant, it's really important for me to really understand the business model, and who it appeals to. I've learned over the years that things aren't always what they appear to be in the world of franchising.

Get The Facts

A cursory look into Spring-Green via a website or brochure doesn't really give one enough facts about what it would be like to be a Spring-Green franchise owner. It may appear that your role would be mostly a manual labor one. Not true. Investing in the Executive Model of a Spring-Green franchise means that your role will be a sales and operations one. Business development and business management at it's best.

(I feel that it's an added bonus for you as a franchisee, if you happen to enjoy the great outdoors)

The Executive Model awards a franchisee two exclusive territories, which accelerates the marketing investment and helps drive revenue the first few years of operation. This approach requires the hire of one full-time field service professional and the implementation of two service vehicles. Ideal candidates are experienced executive professionals seeking a high margin business to grow annually into their retirement years. Local ties to the community are desired.

Service Business's Rock!

I've personally helped a lot of folks find great service-oriented franchise businesses to buy, and some of them are quite successful. One of the great things about a service business like Spring-Green is that it turns out to be what I call a "fleet business." You end up owning a "fleet"of vehicles that are out every day, servicing your customers-bringing in revenue, in your protected territory. (If you invest in the Executive Model, two territories!)

Owner-Operator, Too

Spring-Green is still offering their owner-operator model. It's been quite a successful one since 1977! I've found that some of the folks that I've worked with in the past actually enjoy doing a good amount of physical labor, and actually thrive on it. It's your choice.

The start-up costs range from a low of $99,314 to a high of $212,150, which includes the initial franchise fee and the first year’s marketing investment. It depends on which model you choose.

The Spring-Green Economic Stimulus Plan

The executive team at Spring-Green Lawn Care Corporation is really excited to be offering some added $$ marketing $$ support to new franchisees who choose either one of the two franchise models.

I'll just bet that you'd like some specifics on the $$ part.


If you'd like to explore the possibilities, the team at Spring-Green would like an opportunity to share what they have to offer. Go here

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