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This New Tax Preparation Franchise Concept Will Make You Happy

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I know. Rarely is the word “happy” used in a sentence that includes the word, “tax.” After all, who in their right mind would ever be happy about preparing their tax returns? Or, happy about paying their taxes? I certainly won’t be breaking into my favorite dance (that the kid in the video below stole from me) right before I have to prepare my own taxes.

I’m not alone. Most people dread having to do their taxes. It’s so complicated and time-consuming. Plus the rules (tax laws) change every year. Sounds like a market opportunity to me. A huge one. For the consumers that need a quality tax preparation service as well as for people looking to become their own bosses.


This New Tax Preparation Franchise Concept Will Make You Happy

new tax franchise will make you happy

If you’re looking for a low-cost franchise opportunity…with a business model in place that allows you to keep your current job at the same time you’re a Happy Tax franchise owner, read on.

The Happy Tax franchise opportunity offers a low-cost franchise opportunity which includes two very special things:

1. The ability to earn extra-income without having to learn the tax code

2. The ability to own a franchise business without having to quit your current job.

If those two things aren’t helping you get to your happy place, maybe this will:

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All the tax returns are prepared and signed by CPA’s…CPA’s that the team at Happy Tax franchise headquarters already have in place.

FYI: If you guessed that you don’t have to have tax or financial experience to own a Happy Tax franchise, you’d be right!



Mario Costanz, the founder of Happy Tax, has owned and directed major operations in franchising, real estate development, finance, insurance and restaurants, with revenues in excess of $5,000,000. Mario has consistently (and successfully) led companies through start-up, survival and growth modes exceeding all industry expectations while generating record levels of profits, despite very challenging economic environments. More recently, Mario was a very successful Area Developer in New York, (with a well-known tax preparation franchisor) winning numerous awards and accolades.

Maybe the best way to learn about Mario is to watch him in action. Watch the short video below…I think you’ll like him.


The Franchise Opportunity

As the owner of a Happy Tax franchise business, one thing you won’t have to worry about is tax software. That’s because…

You Won’t Don’t Need It

Happy Tax franchisees don’t prepare their clients tax returns, so there’s no need for franchisees to buy tax prep software. The tax returns are prepared by CPA’s who work for Happy Tax; they have all the software needed to prepare tax returns.  Your role (as a franchisee) is to go out and source new business-then meet with your clients for initial information gathering. (You’ll use Happy Tax’s patent pending technology to do that info-gathering.)


How Do Happy Tax Franchisees Get Clients?

Part of the training that takes place for new franchisees includes specific ways to get and retain clients.

You’ll be trained on:

1. Word of mouth marketing

2. Social media marketing

3. eMail marketing

Franchisees are also taught how to use their existing networks, (all of us have networks of people we know) and how to get direct referrals from them. If you become the owner of a Happy Tax franchise in your area, you’ll learn exactly how to leverage relationships you already have and turn them into clients and/or referral sources.


Are you interested in possibly becoming the owner of a Happy Tax franchise, so you can earn extra income without quitting your present job or learning how to prepare taxes?

Go here right now to request *information.

*I’ve only shared part of the story. Mario can (and will) tell you a lot more about the Happy Tax franchise opportunity, including start-up costs and other information.

Buy a franchise and keep your job!

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