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A Low-Cost Franchise Opportunity Offering Something Unheard Of

this is a low-cost franchise opportunity offering something unheard of

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It’s true: The franchise business model is a rigid one. It has to be. It’s the reason customers open their wallets at any one of the hundreds of thousands of franchise businesses located all over the world. It’s also the reason a Color Glo International franchise business in Michigan is just like a Color Glo International franchise business in Nevada. The services offered are the same.* So are the materials being used to perform those services.

*When it comes to the services Color Glo International franchise owners offer, they actually have total flexibility when it comes to choosing their area of emphasis within the menu of Color Glo product and service options.

In other words, you, as a franchise owner, can focus on anything you want. I’ll show you a few ideas in a bit. I just wanted you to know that the Color Glo International franchise model offers a lot of flexibility. And flexibility is something that’s practically unheard of in franchising.

Here’s what one franchise owner said, when asked in a survey what he liked best about being a Color Glo International franchisee…

The freedom that the franchisor allows to take my business in whatever direction I want.”

What Do Color Glo Franchise Owners Do?

Color Glo International franchise owner focus on restoring and repairing defects-even wear and tear-in leather upholstery, fabric, and carpeting. Franchisees and/or their employees can also repair hard plastic and vinyl. Everything I just mentioned can be found in the interior of every automobile, truck, RV, plane or boat. Franchisees can also do repairs on items found in the home, like leather or cloth chairs and couches for example.

Your Franchise

When you purchase a  Color Glo International franchise, you can run your new business a couple of different ways.

1. You can be the owner-operator. That means you’re the person finding and doing the work. And, once you schedule the work, you’ll be the person performing the repairs etc. That means you get to choose how much work-how many jobs you want to perform in a day or a week etc. If you want lots of flexibility, this is the way to go.

2. You can build a team. Imagine owning a protected Color Glo International franchise territory, and having 3, 4, maybe even 5 employees driving around town performing repairs for customers. Customers you found because you’re in charge of business development.

If you go this route, instead of being the person who’s performing repairs, you’re the person who’s out and about calling on prospective customers. You’re building relationships. You’re networking. You’re the one building your business!


As I’ve stated, Color Glo International offers its franchise owners a lot of flexibility. You get to run the business the way you want. And, you get to choose what to focus on.

boat and yacht repair

Let’s say you live near a lake, a river, or even the ocean. Is there a yacht club or a marina nearby? If so, maybe you’ll decide to can focus on boat repairs. Boats need a lot of maintenance!


Do you live in a area with a lot of new and used car dealerships? If so, you can focus on the automotive* sector.

*I was in automotive franchise management. I know the car business. I know for a fact that used car departments with the highest profit margins have the nicest cars. Do you know why they’re nice? Because the managers focus on putting their vehicles in the best possible light. To do that, the interiors and exteriors have to look perfect, or darn close to it. Clean used cars bring big profits. If you can land a few large dealerships, you (or your employees) will be busy year-round. 90% of all car dealerships use outside vendors (like Color Glo International) to do the kind of work that makes their used cars look great.

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Those are only two examples of the types of niches you may want to focus on. There are plenty of others. When you talk to a Color Glo International franchise representative, ask them about the other niches their franchisees focus on. You may be surprised!

A Low-Cost Franchise Opportunity Offering Something Unheard Of

color glo franchise convention speaker joel libava

Disclosure: I spoke at the Color Glo International franchise convention a couple of years ago. I talked to a lot of franchisees who were in attendance. I couldn’t find an unhappy one. All of them liked the team at headquarters. All of them appreciated the support provided. And all of them mentioned how much they enjoyed their businesses and the freedom and flexibility afforded to them by Color Glo International.

Company History

Color Glo International was founded by Everett Smith in 1975. The company started out as “Chem Glass,” specializing in automotive glass repair. While previously a Vice President at Alcoa, Smith moved his family from Boston to Minneapolis, Minnesota. What began as a corporate move led to the selection of Minneapolis for the Color Glo International headquarters.

A Business Spanning Many Generations

Everett’s son’s run the company now; Gary oversees domestic franchises, and Scott manages the international side of the business. The third generation of Smiths is represented by granddaughter Mandi Brandon, who is the head of marketing for the company, and Matthew Smith, who’s a franchisee. Color Glo International really is a family company. One more thing; when I traveled to Minneapolis to speak at their convention, I was treated like royalty.

Color Glo International: A Low-Cost Franchise

The total investment needed to open you’re own Color Glo International franchise business, which includes your totally protected territory, ranges from $60,200 $136,375+.

FYI: Color Glo International has franchise owners all over the world. Some of the things that can make the upfront investment higher include the high cost of international travel (new franchise owners must attend training in Minneapolis) and country-specific costs that non-U.S. franchisees must figure in.

Color Glo International has been in business for 40+ years. That’s a long time.

For details on this wonderful opportunity to be your own boss, including specific-investment amounts for your area, click the link to the form below to contact the team at Color Glo International headquarters. You have nothing to lose by talking with Color Glo International-and everything to gain. And, tell them The Franchise King® sent you.

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