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My Interview With The Co-Founder of Nothing But Noodles

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(Sponsored interview with the co-founder of Nothing But Noodles)

In case you didn’t know, Nothing But Noodles has re-launched its fast casual franchise brand.

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In a recent email interview, I had the opportunity to speak with Chad Everts, the company’s co-founder, who provided valuable insights into the brand’s origins, unique value proposition, and plans for future expansion.

The co-founder’s passion for authentic Asian flavors and commitment to delivering a high-quality customer experience were evident throughout our discussion.

Part of our discussion involved how the Nothing But Noodles franchise has carved out a distinctive niche in the increasingly competitive fast-casual dining landscape.

As for what else we talked about, scroll down. I think you’ll like what Chad had to say about the brand and its future.

Nothing But Noodles: An Interview With Chad Everts

Me: Will you please share how Nothing But Noodles started?

co-founder of nothing but noodles chad everts

(That’s Chad Everts!)

Chad Everts: Noodles started 23 years ago when two friends, who were unrelated multi-unit franchisees in another concept, recognized an opportunity to bring something different to the market. We opened the first location in Albuquerque New Mexico, known as one of the best test markets in the country at the time, and the rest is history. Noodles has served over one million bowls since.

Me: What do you look for in a franchisee, and are there any specific qualifications or experience requirements needed to become a Nothing But Noodles franchisee?

Everts: Nothing But Noodles seeks franchisees with experience in the full-service and quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry. We look for individuals or teams who are passionate about the brand and capable of upholding their high standards for quality and service. We can teach you have to execute but you have to have the drive to make it successful.

Me: Why now? Why should prospective franchisees-especially folks looking to get into the Fast Casual space, consider Nothing But Noodles?

Everts: Prospective franchisees should consider Nothing But Noodles because it fills a unique niche in the fast-casual dining space, offering high-quality, globally-inspired noodle and pasta dishes. With a proven concept since 2002, rapid initial success, and strategic expansion plans, the brand presents a compelling opportunity. Our focus on fresh, made-to-order meals served quickly appeals to today’s busy consumers seeking delicious and more diverse dining options

Me: What are the primary responsibilities and daily tasks of a franchisee?

Everts: The primary responsibilities and daily tasks of a Nothing But Noodles franchisee include managing daily operations, ensuring high-quality food preparation and service, training and supervising staff, maintaining inventory, and implementing marketing strategies. Franchisees also focus on customer satisfaction, adhere to company standards and policies, and oversee financial performance, including budgeting and reporting.

Me: How do you support franchisees in adapting to local market conditions and cultural differences?

Everts: Nothing But Noodles supports franchisees in adapting to local market conditions and cultural differences by providing comprehensive training and resources, ongoing operational support, and marketing assistance. We work closely with franchisees to understand local preferences and adjust menus and promotions accordingly, ensuring that each location can cater effectively to its community while maintaining the brand’s standards and quality.

Me: How do you assist franchisees with marketing and advertising efforts to attract customers to their businesses?

Everts: Nothing But Noodles assists franchisees with marketing and advertising through a variety of support mechanisms. This includes providing marketing materials, guidance on local and regional advertising campaigns, and digital marketing support. We also offer tools for social media engagement and promotional strategies tailored to local market conditions, ensuring that franchisees can effectively attract and retain customers.

Me: Franchisee satisfaction is crucial for long-term success. How do you maintain strong relationships with your franchisees and address their concerns or challenges?

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Everts: Nothing But Noodles maintains strong relationships with franchisees through open communication, regular feedback sessions, and dedicated support teams. We address concerns promptly and provide ongoing training and resources to help franchisees overcome challenges. By fostering a collaborative environment and offering continuous support, we ensure franchisee satisfaction and long-term success.

Noodle Break

Here are a few items you’ll see when you order food from the Nothing But Noodles menu.

sample of nothing but noodles fantastic food


More Interview Questions

Now, back to my interview with Chad Everts.

Me: What is the typical timeline from signing the franchise agreement to opening the franchise location? And how do you assist franchisees in securing their locations?

Everts: The typical timeline from signing the franchise agreement to opening a Nothing But Noodles franchise location can vary but generally includes several key stages: site selection, lease negotiation, design and construction, training, and pre-opening marketing. The process can take several months, depending on various factors such as location and build-out requirements.


Nothing But Noodles assists franchisees in securing locations by providing guidance on site selection, demographic analysis, and lease negotiation to ensure the best possible location for success.

Me: Finally, what do today’s aspiring franchisees need to know about the food-service business these days? And is there anything you’d like to add?

Chad Everts: Today’s aspiring franchisees in the food-service business need to understand the importance of quality, consistency, and customer experience. They should be aware of current trends such as the demand for healthier options, sustainability, and the increasing role of technology in operations and marketing. It’s also crucial to be adaptable to changing consumer preferences and local market conditions.

Additionally, building strong relationships with staff and maintaining high standards of food safety and cleanliness are essential to the business.

Great! Thanks for answering my questions, Chad!

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