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Why Did Franchise Times Delete This Comment On Vaccination Mandates? {Updated With Two Corrections}

franchise times deletes comment

I wrote a short comment (that was deleted) on the Franchise Times website last week.

It was in response to an article written by Laura Michaels titled,“Many Unknowns as Franchise Industry Considers COVID Vaccine Mandate.”

But why was my comment deleted?

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It’s not like it was mean-spirited or that it included a Covid-19 vaccine conspiracy theory.

With that being said, I want to know why.

Question: would you like to know what I wrote?


Here’s My Horrible Comment On Vaccination Mandates

Since my comment on the Franchise Times article was deleted, I don’t have access to exactly what I wrote. But here’s the gist of it.

“Nice job on the article. That said, I think it’s time for the franchise industry as a whole to get behind mandatory vaccines. I feel that every franchisee should require their current and future employees to be vaccinated. That’s because a higher vaccination rate is our only way out of this mess. Do franchisees want a repeat of last winter? If not, they need to require vaccinations-now, so they’re still in business this time next year.”

What’s wrong with that?

Was it offensive? Or crazy? I don’t think so.

So why the heck did the editors at Franchise Times delete my comment???


Important Update

According to Laura Michaels from The Franchise Times, my comment was not deleted. Instead, it was a technical issue with the website and the commenting system they use.

I found this out after someone in their web department saw a comment someone left on Twitter about the post you’re reading right now.

In a nutshell, Laura reached out to me and we talked on the phone about what happened.

She was extremely apologetic, and I felt good after we talked. Until…

Laura, after telling me that she would consider publishing an op-ed from me on the Franchise Times website, totally ignored my follow up calls and emails after I sent what I wrote in. 100% blew me off. I hate when people play games.

So I published it on Medium.


Franchise Times Deletes Vaccine Mandate Comment: I Think I Know Why

I know exactly why my comment was disappeared.

My comment on The Franchise Times website was deleted because my view of vaccination mandates doesn’t align with their views or how the franchise industry as a whole looks at mandated vaccinations. That must be the reason, right?

And before you think I’m just being paranoid, check this out.

A few weeks ago, I contacted the host of a popular business podcast.

I asked him if he’d be willing to have me on to talk about the importance of getting all franchise business employees vaccinated. Scratch that. The importance of requiring employees of franchise businesses to get vaccinated or they’d lose their jobs.

He told me in no uncertain terms that he had to decline because his listener base could turn on him and that they could end up “cancelling” him. Consequently, the show never took place. How sad.

Finally, I do allow comments on my articles. Like the one that appeared soon after I wrote an article titled, “If You Own A Franchise, And You’re Smart, You’ll Require Vaccinations For Your Employees, And Fast.” Click here to see the article on vaccine mandates and franchising and make sure you take a look at the 3rd comment. It’s the one from someone who says that I’m a Communist.

I’m not, but I didn’t delete the comment!

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covid-19 science of wearing masks


On Science, Masks, And Science

Things are so screwed up.

Who would have thought that we’d be at each other’s throats about vaccines and masks.

Especially since it’s been scientifically proven that wearing masks indoors helps slow the spread of Covid-19.

Sure masks are uncomfortable to wear. So what? Wearing masks save lives.

From The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA®)

At a hair salon in which all staff and clients were required to wear a mask under local ordinance and company policy, 2 symptomatic, infected stylists attended to 139 clients and no infections were observed in the 67 clients who were reached for interviewing and testing. During a COVID-19 outbreak on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, persons who wore masks experienced a 70% lower risk of testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 infection. Similar reductions have been reported in case contact investigations when contacts were masked and in household clusters in which household members were masked.



On Science, Vaccines, and More Science

Vaccines work. They’re the best tool we have to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Interestingly enough, The Florida Department Of Health created a toolkit* for local agencies and communities to use to help them convince residents to get vaccinated.

*Note: the toolkit even links directly to the CDC website to provide data on how safe and effective the Covid-19 vaccines are.

I’m pointing that out because the current Governor of Florida is seemingly against everything (masks and vaccines) that saves lives (if they’re mandated). How classy.

Similarly, Fox “News” talk show hosts consistently jaw about freedom.

Specifically, that we should have the freedom to choose whether or not we get a life-saving vaccine. Maybe these hosts haven’t seen some of the gripping videos of people with Covid-19 wishing they would have taken the vaccine. Or maybe they have. Here’s one of the milder ones.


On Vaccination Mandates And The Comments For And Against Them

To conclude, I believe in science.

That means I don’t have the patience to listen to B.S. conspiracy theories. Nor will I listen to idiots selling “supplements” or livestock dewormers that supposedly “cure” the Covid-19 virus. Enough already.

Please get vaccinated.

Save some lives.

And save some franchise businesses.

P.S. Going forward, I hope the editors at Franchise Times allow people who have opposing views to comment on their articles. It’s not a good look for a news publication to delete them.

What do you think?

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