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Franchisors: What If They Can’t Find Your Franchise Online?

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(This blog post about franchise leads is for franchise company executives, small business loan providers, franchise attorneys, accountants, SEO firms, web design firms, and any other business that provides products or services to future business owners.)

If you’re looking to own a franchise, buy a business opportunity, dealership/distributorship, or any other type of business, please go to this website…because the information below isn’t meant for you.

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In an age where the market is over-saturated with franchise business opportunity directories and portals, the team (me) behind The Franchise Biz Directory has successfully developed an optimized process to effectively reach and engage users in a non-intrusive way. The directory targets users through their search to be their own boss and fosters a mutually beneficial experience by connecting opportunity seekers with opportunities.

That was one of the most boring paragraphs this franchise blog has ever presented.

I’m sorry. I’ll try again.


Get Unlimited Franchise Leads And Web Traffic!

Now, we’re cookin. Check this out.

I’ve submitted the image below for inclusion in the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary and Thesaurus.

Here are the words that accompanied my submission:

To whom it may concern,

Let me start-off by telling you that I really respect what you do. Your site helps millions of people each and every day define the words that make up our language. You do so in a first-class way, and your website is very easy to navigate; readers can quickly gather their needed information.

I also like the way that you use images on your site, and I have one that I would like to have added, if you feel that it’s appropriate. (I sure do!)

I’m proposing that you add the image below to the following page on your website:


list of best franchise opportunities


The image above would be perfect if  it was inserted underneath the term, “No-brainer” in Webster’s.

Now, I don’t expect you to know all about franchises or business opportunities.

And, I definitely wouldn’t expect you to know all about online visibility and SEO.

I just want you to trust that I do; that’s why I’m making a formal request to include the image above in your terrific online dictionary and thesaurus.

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Joel M. Libava

The Franchise Biz Directory


Franchisors: What If They Can’t Find Your Franchise Online?

Answer: Then nothing else matters.

The $20,000 that you invested on your website, for example. It’s great that you did it. A great looking and user-friendly business website is crucial to have these days. But, if the people you’re trying to get to visit your website don’t know about it, because it’s not listed in enough places, than having a great website doesn’t matter.

get franchise leads and web traffic


A Tiny Investment

You shouldn’t won’t need an executive committee to approve the small investment needed to add your listing to the Franchise Biz Directory.

That’s because listing prices on The Franchise Biz Directory start at less than $35 a month. And, you get way more than just a web listing on a Directory that’s easily found by prospective franchisees who are searching for franchises to own.



My Web Visitors-Your Leads

Visitors to The Franchise Biz Directory can’t contact me for more information about what you’re offering.

If a visitor to The Franchise Biz Directory is interested in your franchise or business opportunity-or in the products and services that you offer, they must go to your website if they want to learn more and contact you.

That’s because I don’t provide “Request More Information” forms on The Franchise Biz Directory site. (Unless they’re enrolled in a special marketing program in which there are specific lead-tracking forms set-up.)

Most website owners want their visitors to spend as much time as possible on their sites. I don’t. Call me *crazy.

You’re crazy, Joel.”

But, really…I want visitors to The Franchise Biz Directory to spend as little time as possible on the siteI want them to go to your website.

*Maybe my idea isn’t so crazy after all. That’s because a couple of high-traffic franchise portals are now offering to do the same thing…send traffic to their advertisers websites.


Take Your Best Shot

I want you to have control of the process as early as possible.

You’ve spent thousands of dollars designing and (hopefully) optimizing your website.

You know your offering better than anyone. I don’t want to get in the way.

I just want to bring you people that are looking to get into business for themselves.

After that, it’s up to you…take your best shot at converting those visitors to new owners.


Increase Your Odds

To increase your odds of getting found online by people who want to start a business, you have to make sure that your web presence is powerful.

One way to do that is to increase the number of places that your website can be found.

Adding your listing to a quality web directory is one such way…especially if it’s in your niche.

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Get some traffic and convert it into franchise leads.
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