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How To Find The Best Location For Your Franchise Business In L.A.

how to find the best location for your franchise business in L.A.

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The world of franchising is a highly competitive space. More than most industries, it feels like there is a constant barrage of competitors tracking up the rear. With this in mind, taking any chance you can get to stand out from the crowd is absolutely essential.

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Enter the deep and nuanced world of choosing a location for your franchise business. The importance of location is a factor that cannot be overstated. It represents your retail business on so many levels, not least in its direct connection to revenue. In this piece, take a look at how to choose the right location for your franchise business in L.A.

Why focus on Los Angeles?

Whether you’re from L.A., live here, or are residing in any other corner of the world, then Los Angeles is probably right on the top of your list of ideal locations. It’s the epicenter of world-shaping trends, style, and culture.

On top of this, the state of California has a roaring economy. In fact, its economy is so big that only four countries’ economies are larger, dwarfing many of the world’s biggest, such as Britain, France, South Korea, India, and Australia. (1) (2)

In a nutshell, there is no shortage of reasons to seek renting shop space . Read on for a deep dive into just how you can find that perfect location, so your franchise business can prosper and thrive.

Think about who your target market is

When you’re opening a business, one of the most crucial aspects of this is to identify who you’re planning to sell your products to. This should be done well ahead of time and ideally would have been fleshed out in the business plan stage.

You will ordinarily identify your target market based on a number of demographical considerations. These include, but are not limited to, age, gender, spirituality, family structure, and beliefs. The more you dig a hole into the wild world of marketing, the more you come to see that most societies and communities are susceptible to certain patterns of behavior, and one that’s impossible to ignore is where they reside.

Once you identify who your target market is, ensure you do your research to find where the members of these groups predominantly live. You may not want to place your business in the center of their neighborhoods, but you will want to be near, or easily accessible to, the most common areas in which they live.

franchise businesses in los angeles

Negotiate your price

If you want that perfect space, then be prepared to work for it. Landlords in L.A. have been around the track more times than you, and you are going to need to negotiate a fair price.

Consider aspects like location, condition, number of power sockets, bathrooms, and more. Be firm, but remember that there are usually many others more than willing to occupy the space if you push too hard of a bargain.

Consider the different neighborhoods

L.A. is huge. As far as it goes for shopping precincts, there is no shortage of options to choose from. As discussed above, you should choose a location based, in part at least, on where your key demographic(s) reside.
Some notable areas to include:
● Beverly Hills: Now we all know what kind of connotations Beverly Hills inspires ,
and for the most part, they are resoundingly true. With a median house price of
USD$2M and a household income of over USD$100,000, Beverly Hills has more
disposable income than most areas. It’s also home to families, so this fact cannot be
discounted. Ideal products to sell in an area like Beverly Hills include high-end goods and services that are conducive to an affluent American household. (3)

● Hollywood: The center of it all, Hollywood is the epicenter of American show
business, a favorite with tourists, and is less a location than a spiritual sensation
lodged within the pride glands of the American psyche. If you’re setting up shop in
Hollywood, you want to go big. Your franchise should scream ‘Los Angeles’ and
resonate with a wide audience. Rents will be high, but so too will be the rewards.

● Echo Park: Leaving the more sensational areas of Los Angeles, Echo Park begins to feel more like a conventional neighborhood. Although not immune to the impacts of gentrification, Echo Park (and surrounding areas) is home to working professionals and middle-income families.

● Santa Monica: Los Angeles beach culture can feel like an exercise in attracting
attention. Young and old put their best on display, and if you choose this space for
your franchise business, you should embody this spirit from the inside out.
Following these ideas above will help you understand the market and choose a location that is right for your franchise business.


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(Diane Halstead is a business expert. She has a background in business management and finance. She shares her business expertise through blogging and guest posting. Diane enjoys cooking Asian cuisine, yoga, and playing tennis during her free time.)

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