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An Idea For Franchisors And Franchisees in 2015

an idea for franchisees

Here’s an idea: Make 2015 a giving  year.

I’m not referring to charity work or community work, although I would encourage you to do that.

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Keep reading to find out how I want you to become a giver in 2015.


An Idea For Franchisors And Franchisees in 2015

I want you to become a giver to your business network.

I want you to give referrals to people in your business network when they’re appropriate, but I don’t want you to stop there.

deep into your business network

Go deep.

Think about a few special things you could do for valued members of your business network.

Surprise a couple of people each and every week. Do something unique for them. Do it to do it. Go in with the attitude that you expect nothing in return.

Are your wheels turning yet?

wheels turning


Use Social Media To Help Your Business Network

You can easily help someone in your business network with the use of social media.

Has someone in your network written a great article? Use your social media accounts to spread it around. They’ll love the attention, and you’ll feel great about helping them get it.

Another way to use social media to help someone in your business network is to post something about them…or their company, on their Facebook Page. You can also do it on their Twitter account. Give them a “Like” and add a comment on one of their recent LinkedIn updates. Get creative. What can you do to make a big impact on their brand?

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Put Them In A Box

Choose some people from your network that you want to help in 2015.

Put as many people as you can into a box.

This “box” could be an imaginary one, or a physical one that has their names. Just make sure it’s within reach mentally or physically. Then, once a week or so, grab some names and do some good.

All of us like surprises. The people you value in your business network will be surprised, especially if you can really get creative with what you do.


An Example

I put some people in a box a while back. I haven’t done it in awhile though, so writing this post is a great reminder to keep doing it.

Here’s what I did:

I created a category on the blog you’re now on called, “My Royal Subjects.” Obviously, I chose the name of that category to keep things Kingly.

I choose a few people who have gone the extra mile to support me…and my business, and wrote about them, one by one.

Go Here To See What I Did.

Each and every one of them called or emailed me to thank me for putting them in the spotlight. That’s fine. But, I didn’t do it for a “thank you.”I did it because I’m grateful for what each of them did for me. (They continue to do cool things for me, by the way.) I wanted them to get some recognition. That’s it. I didn’t do it for things like link building or web traffic.

There was no expectation on my part when I was writing the posts.

There are a few more “Royal Subjects” out there. They’ll be in the spotlight in 2015.

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What You Can Do

If you’re not online all day like I am-writing articles and doing franchise and social media marketing, it’s okay. You don’t have to pen articles about people in your business network. It’s just one idea.

There are several ways for you to give to your network. Would you like some more ideas?

I shared a few other ideas you are more than welcome to use in 2015 on a blog post I did for Chris Brogan.

You can read it here.

Do some giving in 2015. Give some of the people in your business network a little boost.

They’ll love it!


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