Will You Get Ongoing Training?

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One of things that you need to find out-as part of your franchise research, has to do with training.

Will You Get Ongoing Training?

If you’re going to invest a whole lot of money in order to become a franchise owner, it’s only fair to for you to expect several things from the franchisor.

One of the things that you should get-and this should never be optional, is ongoing training.


When To Find: Will You Get Ongoing Training?/h2>
The time to find out if you’ll be receiving ongoing training when you’re a franchisee is before you buy the franchise that you’re interested in.

Not after.

Have you’ve been following my series on the top 40 franchise questions to ask current franchise owners? I hope so.

This is Question #25:

Does the franchisor provide ongoing franchise owner training?”


A Franchise Video

Spend a couple of minutes to learn a bit more about the topic of ongoing franchise owner training by watching the video I just shot.

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