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US Elections Will Impact The Franchise Industry; Op-Ed


Actually, the upcoming election will impact all of us….

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So, which Presidential candidate are you going to vote for?

We have two choices that really couldn't be further apart, in age, philosophy and experience.

Mr. Obama brings a fresh, new approach to our seemingly old fashioned political system. He seems to posses the smarts, and the energy, to bring about some much needed change.

Mr. McCain brings 20+ years of solid experience in the Senate, and has experienced first hand, what a war is really like. He has crossed the aisle on more than one occasion, and has no problem going right up against President Bush on policy matters.

So, how does the small business/franchise community feel?

Here is a text interview with both candidates done by The International Franchise Association.

The small business community seems to be very fearful of tax hikes, which from afar, would seem to favor McCain's philosophies of trickle down economics. This blogger has not seen that work in the past few years. Have you?

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The franchise industry buzz is that franchisees are worried more about an Obama presidency, because of his possible tax hikes to small business owners. Whoever is elected, some type of tax changes are on the way, but until those tax changes are actually passed, everything is still hypothetical in nature.

Let me share my politics with you.

As long as I remember, I have leaned to the left. In recent memory, I must say that our economy seemed to be in a lot better shape when President Clinton was in office. That does not mean that I liked Clinton. I totally lost respect for him when he lied to us about his skirt chasing escapades. I am not one of those who say that "It was just a lie about a sexual encounter. It is not like he lied about Iraq's nuclear weapon capabilities."

Like a lot of you, the events on September 11th, changed me. As a matter of fact, the attack on our country altered my entire outlook on life. I am certainly more aware of my surroundings, and when traveling, my radar is up. More importantly, my political leanings changed pretty dramatically after that day. I felt that President Bush did a great job in the weeks after the attack, and I had no problem with him, as a President. I was all for {and still am} taking our fight to the people that mean to do us harm, and being on offense.

I really don't care why some people hate us, nor do I want to have a debate with them, to learn why they have a problem with us. I just want to be safe. I want my family to be safe.

So after 9-11, I definitely leaned more to the right than I ever have. I liked the Bush administrations attitude, and still believe that we have to show the enemy that we are not playing around.

I am still 50/50 on going into Iraq. I am not sure it was the right thing. I do feel that we need to start leaving, though. {Only when it is safe to do so}

So, here I am. A Democrat who leans a little to the right.

I don't think that John McCain is a bad guy. I respect him tremendously. It is his judgment. When he picked Sarah Palin, who I never heard of, I feel that he did it for effect. I do not think she is the least bit qualified to be the Vice President, and I really don't think that this is the person our country should end up with if McCain were to become President, and die in office. As a matter of fact, I am quite angry with Mr. McCain. I feel that he put politics ahead of our country's best interest. She just is not the one I want in the Oval Office in a time of crisis.

Mr. Obama is going to get my vote this election. He is smart, steady, and will surround himself with other smart people. Mr. Biden, even with his "foot in mouth disease," brings his foreign relations experience, and knows the game. Mr. Obama is not a perfect candidate, but I feel he will bring much needed change to Washington.

Before I end this, I want to say that I really don't think that Mr. Obama will do anything to hurt small business in this country. He knows that small businesses drive this nation's economy.

What are your opinions on the two candidates??? Please feel free to comment, below!

Please get out and vote…

My political leanings made you want to subscribe to my blog, right?

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