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This Franchise Business Really IS Trying To Protect School-Age Children

Kids walking to school

Let’s take a little break from the usual “sell a franchise,” “buy a franchise,” “tips to buying a franchise,” content that’s posted here, almost daily. The following story concerns school-age children, and child safety. It’s really important.

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If you’re the parent of a school-aged child, you have certain fears about your children going to school for the day, and being away from you…

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A little fear is a good thing; it keeps all of us on our toes.

Kids, however, don’t have the capacity to understand parental fears. I’m talking about the “what if a stranger approaches my child, and tries, or even succeeds, in snatching him or her?”

If you’re a parent, can you imagine how it would make you feel either scenario really did happen?

I’m a parent. Although my child is starting high school in a couple of weeks, I’m still fearful of any one of several scenarios that my active mind can cook up, on a daily basis. That’s the part of parenting I can’t stand.

As a matter of fact, I’m kind of freaking out a little as I write this. I get a little paranoid when it comes to my child. Plus, I love kids.

Check Out This Child-Safety Idea From a Former Cop

Child safety expert and ex-cop Samantha Wilson, who founded Kidproof in 2000, says that, “labeling your children’s belongings with their name where a by-stander can see it, is putting your child at risk.”

Wow! You mean all that time Mom spent labeling our stuff with her laundry-proof pen was all for nought?

Samantha continues;

“One of the most common tricks predators will use to gain trust is to be friendly, familiar, and approachable. Calling a child by his or her first name catches the child off guard and opens an opportunity to begin a longer conversation. Kidproof’s No-Name labeling system is a free and easy way for parents to create a teachable moment with their child that is empowering rather than scary.”

Do you have the courage to not put names on your children’s school and personal items?


Kidproof was formed in 2000 by Samantha Wilson, a former police officer and internationally recognized expert in child and family safety. As a cop, Samantha received fantastic, informative, cutting-edge child safety information that was only being shared by law enforcement and other helping agencies. The information was not “top secret” but had no way of reaching those who needed it most – the kids. So she formed Kidproof to do just that.

Good stuff. I approve of her message. 🙂 Do you?

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