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Home-Based Franchises: 12 Things That Make This Franchise Worth Investigating

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The sheer number of home-based franchises available these days presents a challenge.

How do you not  skip over “The One“?

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The One that can get you where you want to go.

The One that’s a great fit for what your top skills are.

The One that makes the most sense.

The One you feel has the best income potential.

The One that can easily be run from home. Your home.

You know: “The One.”

Keep reading. “The One” for you could be on this webpage.


Home-Based Franchises: 12 Things That Make This Franchise Worth Investigating

What kind of home-based franchise are you looking for?

For example, there are home-based franchises that may be good for someone looking to make a part-time income. If that’s all you want out of a home-based business, fine. Everyone has different reasons for going into business. Maybe some extra income is just what you need to stay ahead of the game, or to stash away money for your child’s college education, or for your retirement.

Then there are “the others.”

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The ones that are serious.

Serious home-based franchises for serious people.

People who want something they can grow.

And grow.


I Talked To Jeff

vp of money mailer

I talked with Jeff LeBlanc,  VP of Franchise Development for MM.

Money Mailer is an advertiser on The Franchise Biz Directory.

Jeff has been with MM for 17 years. He’s seen a lot of changes…mostly because of technology.

Jeff shared several (12) things with me about the Money Mailer franchise opportunity that I didn’t know about, and now I’m going to share them with you.

Who knows: Maybe this home-based franchise will turn out to be The One.


A Serious Home-Based Franchise

Here are the 12 things that, according to Jeff, make this franchise worth investigating.

1. It should not be adversely affected by the economy.

In good times businesses want to advertise, in poor times, THEY HAVE to advertise. A local community-based business owner can never wait to be “found” by consumers. They must advertise, repeatedly, to create awareness, curiosity, acquisition (purchase decision) and loyalty. Money Mailer delivers solutions to generate this consumer activity.

2. There should be low overhead.
Money Mailer is a home-based franchise model. There is no equipment to buy, storefront to lease or employees to hire and manage. A Money Mailer franchise owner sets their schedule and success is a direct correlation to consulting activity. Money Mailer fulfills all delivery channels including ad design, printing, USPS delivery and distribution across all media channels. Money Mailer franchisees consult and WE DO THE REST!

3. There should be repeat business.
Marketing is a repeat business by nature. Example, business owners cannot advertise once per year and hope that it creates traffic to sustain the balance. MONTHLY mailing campaigns create branding and a much desired “halo effect” with local consumers. Approximately 70% of Money Mailer franchisees gross profits come from repeat business activity.

4. There should be limited competition OR a strong competitive advantage – a differentiator.
For over 35 years now, Money Mailer continues to reinvent local business marketing with a laser focus on COMMUNITY-BASED, neighborhood businesses. These businesses need marketing expertise that a Money Mailer franchise owner provides and to effectively compete and build local market share. In addition, we place businesses in front of consumer audiences with a higher than average probability to spend locally. We target this audience based on higher than average income levels, home ownership levels and other key metrics to drive ROI for local businesses.

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5. There should be multiple revenue streams.
Money Mailer’s integrated marketing solutions combine cutting edge digital media with the power of targeted direct mail to deliver measurable and cost effective results. We’re able to generate revenue streams through the traditional “mail box moment” in addition to mobile app, SMS/TEXT, online, e-mail marketing and social media channels. In addition, Money Mailer has recently partnered with Welcome Wagon to now tap into additional revenue sources via cherished NEW MOVERS in a market.

6. Barriers to entry to deter competition.
“Direct mail and printed coupons are on the way out.” Direct mail is one component of our integrated marketing solution and growing. It is the only non-invasive “push” media that can deliver a targeted offer to local prospects with the highest ROI of any media. 5% of consumers want offers “pushed” to their mobile devices, 80% want offers sent through the mail. Direct mail creates demand (customer acquisition), the Internet directs that demand (search); both are components of our integrated marketing solution. Our shared mail envelope reaches households with an average median income > $100,000

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7. There must be a value proposition for the customers.
96% of people use coupons to save money. 73% of people find out about local businesses from coupon mailers. 87% of adults want to get local offers and coupons in the mail. Direct mail is 10-30 times more effective than e-mail and other digital channels. Money Mailer has a 96% open rate. (Source: Coupon Usage and Attitude Research Study – Marketing Management Research Group. July 23, 2013)
8. The franchisor must have a proven marketing program for attracting customers.
A Money Mailer franchise is an in-house ad agency resource for local neighborhood businesses. Franchisees show local business owners how to target the right consumer prospects with money saving offers delivered to this audience through direct mail, on the Internet, to mobile devices and social media. This integrated media package is provided to the businesses for pennies per household.

9. It should not be seasonal.
Marketing services is not a seasonal event. If a business is open, they must advertise to compete, build market share and increase traffic and sales in their location(s). Approximately 70% of Money Mailer franchisees gross profits come from repeat business activity.

10. Technology cannot make it obsolete.
Money Mailer embraces digital media channels and growth. Our integrated solution harnesses the power of traditional print and electronic offers to provide consumers with money saving offers whether at home or “on the go” in their neighborhoods.

11. There should be the potential of equity building/appreciation.
Money Mailer is a highly scalable business opportunity. Each franchise model has thousands of business prospects available and across our top consumer desired categories (Food, Auto, Retail, Professional Services, Home Improvement and Family Entertainment). A franchise owner needs a small percentage of this large pool to build a strong business asset and with no overhead while working from a home-based office.

12. There should be a reasonable length of time to reach break even.
Money Mailer provides a substantial launch package with built in business builder credits to promote the quick and successful launch of operations. We are one of few franchisors that provide an FDD “Item 19” in addition to an accompanying Pro-Forma. This allows candidates to see the path to profit opportunities and based on key performance metrics in combination with their personal goals and expectations.

Thank you, Jeff!

Does this home-based franchise offer enough benefits for you to contact them to learn more?

Could this be “The One?”

Contact Jeff to find out. Tell him you read about Money Mailer on The Franchise

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