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Attention Deficit Disorder; Even Kings Can Have A.D.D. (Part II)

Part 1 of this post took you through the Franchise King's rather challenging school years, and how Attention Deficit Disorder affected him. I trust that you felt the King's frustrations. If the school systems only knew then, what they know now…

Anyway, things did get better when the King attended broadcast school, and his creative juices really flowed there. He had no stage fright at all, and really felt that he was "there."

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On the air

There, actually turned out to be in a small town in Iowa. The King was hired on as the "Assistant Farm Bureau Director," and his duties included;

  • Grabbing the soybean and corn futures prices from the news wires at 6:00am, Monday Through Friday.
  • Reading them on-the-air
  • Reading any farm-related news that was relevant to the local farmers
  • Totally screwing up the pronunciation of "heifer," which enraged the local farmers*

* This was the Franchise King's first recorded instance of enraging an entire local population. In this particular case, no violence erupted, but the radio station did receive two or three nasty phone calls from locals who called him a "dumb Yankee."

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The Franchise King worked in radio, and even in television for a few years, and really enjoyed it. He keeps threatening to start up Franchise King Radio, so we'll just have to wait and see. (Can't wait for more farm reports, King)


Next stop was the wild world of restaurants. He was a server, worked in management, and was even a Maître d in Las Vegas, for a time. (One with a burgundy tuxedo. It was the 80's, you know)

Thank you Bethanys Boutique

After living in Lost Wages, Nevada, and moving back to Cleveland to work in some fancy schmancy restaurants, The King entered the car business at a local Nissan franchise, and proved to be pretty adept at "hammering on"— rather… ah, convincing people to buy cars.

He ended up in franchise management at a few stores, and burned out rather quickly.


Let's quickly discuss A.D.D. again. Folks with A.D.D. generally have short attention spans. (Hence the name, Attention Deficit Disorder!) They get bored rather rapidly. They can burn out. The King had lots of jobs. If you know someone with A.D.D., this is really not that unusual.

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The really cool thing about folks with A.D.D. is this;

Even though they bounce around a lot, They do bounce back quickly. And are generally pretty successful people. Like;

  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Greg Louganis
  • Terry Bradshaw
  • Michael Phelps
  • Jackie Stewart
  • Bruce Jenner
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Ann Bancroft

Those are just a few. In Part III, I'll discuss how my A.D.D. actually helps me in my personal and professional life.

In the meantime, here's a couple of terrific resources about A.D.D. Pass them along to someone who may need to learn more about this disease. Thank you!

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