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Franchise Marketing #102. Keeping Up With New Media

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If you are a franchisor, and you did not watch any of the recent Presidential debates, you have missed some very important examples of how to get to market. This "Social Media" thing is not going away anytime soon. Facebook. YouTube. Linked In. Digg. Mixx. How about Twitter? Are you using RSS?
These are just some of the names you should be familiar with…

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Are you up to speed with these websites. Are you blogging? Getting to market to find customers, and new franchise owners is not as simple as it used to be. Not only are consumers, and potential new franchise owners bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every day, they now can find more and more ways to research things that they want to purchase, via the internet. They can even get opinions, live….

CNN has a group of bloggers that they now show that are in studio, during the debates, and I am sure they will be there in force for the rest of the primary season, and in November for the general election.

The Democratic Presidential Debate in Cleveland was a good example of the new ways that people are learning and experiencing things. I am involved in the Cleveland blogging community, and have learned how to use this new media from people like George Nemeth, of Brewed Fresh Daily fame, Anita Campbell, who runs the award winning Small Business Trends blog, Jim Kukral, a famed internet marketer, and an incredible and funny writer, Jill Miller Zimon, of Writes Like She Talks. By watching and interacting with talented people like this, I have learned new ways to get to market, with my own consulting company. How do I know that all this stuff works? When people first meet me, they say things like this:
1. "Joel, oh yeah…I have heard about you. I just read an article you wrote about franchising on"
2. "You are Joel Libava? Man, I see you everywhere!"
3. More recently- "Joel..didn’t I just see you blogging on WKYC-TV, during the Clinton-Obama Debate?"
4. "Joel, I think I just saw a video of you, talking about Master Franchising."
I consider everything that I do, to be a part of my marketing mix! Even if I am involved in something that has nothing to do with my business!

Just ran into Kevin Goodman at my kid’s B-Ball game. He said that he saw me Liveblogging Tuesday night on WKYC-TV, along with the rest of the Meet The Bloggers, and thought that it was great exposure. After all, I am the face of my business. {Aren’t we all?}
The intersection of traditional media, and social media is coming together on a daily basis, and if your marketing and PR team is not including your company in this wave, you need to find one that does. Here is what one PR company wrote after observing the Debate, and what some of us Cleveland bloggers were doing…
Can you or your marketing/PR team think of any ways to use these new tools to help you get to market? I know of a couple that get it. Could you use any of the LiveBlogging tools that are available to help your system grow?

Contact me, and I will refer you to some of the best marketing and PR firms around.

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