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How many times have you said to yourself, there has to be a better way?

That is why you’re here, right?

You’re thinking that there’s something in your life that’s missing. Or, maybe you’re here because there’s something you want more of. (Like more freedom and more control?)

Am I close? Or is it something else…something that’s been gnawing away at you for quite some time?

For instance, maybe you’ve finally realized that “working for the man” isn’t* going to get you where you want to go.

*That’s because your bosses goals and dreams are always going to come first. And if you work for a corporation, the company’s goals and dreams invariably come first.

Unless You Own A Franchise Business.


Owning A Franchise

When you own a business, everything changes-because you’re the boss.

You’re putting in a hard day’s work that benefits you-instead of your boss. In other words, you’re working toward your dream instead of your bosses dream.

At the same time, you own something, and you’re building equity in it.

That means if things go your way, you’ll be able to sell your business at a profit.

So you can start living your dream (s). And reaching your personal and financial goals.

Sound good?

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

– George Eliot


3 Things

If owning a franchise business sounds like something you’d like to explore, make sure you have these 3 things:

  1. Courage
  2. A serious desire to be the boss
  3. Money

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Owning A Franchise Can Help You Reach Your Goals And Dreams

Again, if you want to own a franchise…

You’ll need courage because buying/owning a franchise is a big deal. It’s not for everyone.

To put it differently, transitioning from employee to small business owner-and potentially managing employees, is no picnic. A lot of aggravations come with the territory. Are you ready to have employees?

You’ll also need courage to pull the trigger should you find a franchise opportunity you think you could be successful owning.

And as an added bonus, courage may come into play when you start sharing your plans (with your family and friends) on becoming the owner of a franchise business.

The best part?

Being your own boss is incredible. (I know this from personal experience!)

The experience of finally being able to have a hand in controlling your own destiny is beyond compare.

But, the work is hard. The hours are long. The stress is real.

So make sure you’re ready.

Finally, you’ll need money.

You won’t necessarily need a million bucks-but you will have to have a good net worth and a fair amount of liquid capital available.

(To find out how much money you need to buy a franchise these days, read this article.)

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Next Steps

The Franchise (as of this writing) contains close to 2,000 pages of straightforward, fact-filled franchise information, useful tips, and proven advice for anyone looking to be their own boss using the franchise business model.

If you’d like, you can begin by reading a few articles on my award-winning franchise blog. You’ll learn a lot about franchising.

Conversely, you can start gathering the precise information you need based on where you’re at in the process.

To do that, just click one of the links below.

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