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A Unique, Low-Investment, Fun Business Opportunity

Sometimes, I run across opportunities that aren’t franchise opportunities. In this case, it’s a low cost Business Opportunity. Now here comes the good part.

To me, the business type doesn’t much matter as long as it’s a real opportunity for someone to start a business for themselves….to be their own boss. And it needs to be proven.

But before I share the details about an exciting, low cost Business Opportunity, I need to tell you a story.
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She Likes It!

If you’ve read any of my 2000+ articles on franchising and small business, you know that I’m a skeptical soul. I’m picky. Real picky.

So, when Rene, (the CEO of SR) approached me with his “opportunity,” I was..well… skeptical.

P.S. Even my wife likes this low cost business idea. And believe me, it takes a lot for her to like something…at least at first. I guess you could say that unless a product or a service she’s looking at makes a strong 1st impression on her, she’s generally not interested in it. Nor is she willing to pay for it. Then this happened.

A Delivery

We (Rene and I) arranged to have “something” delivered to my wife (at work).

Wife: “Joel, where did these come from?”

Me:Hi honey. Do you like them?”

Wife: “Yes! How the heck did you get Grace’s (our daughter) picture on a dozen red and pink roses?”

Me:I didn’t do it.” They’re from Speaking Roses, a business out of California. Do you really like them?”

Wife: “They are really amazing. Everyone in my office likes them, too!”

Me: “I wasn’t quite sure about them. I thought you would think they were a little tacky.”

Wife: “No. They’re not tacky at all. Tell me more about this, Joel. My friends at the office want to know more, too. Seriously.”

And that’s how I knew that this company may be onto something.

With that in mind, would you like to learn more about an exciting low cost business opportunity you probably won’t need to get a bank loan for?
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A Low Cost Businesss Opportunity For You: Speaking Roses

In just a few years, Speaking Roses has risen to international acclaim, garnishing an amazing amount of public and consumer attention in both in-store and online sales.

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Expanding from a local to an international business, Speaking Roses quickly created and then dominated their niche in the flower market. But you can offer more than imprinted flowers. A lot more! And now, you can share in the success and become a licensee! 

Can you see yourself offering products like these in your community?


start a customized product business

low cost opportunity to be your own boss

Here Is How You Can Sell This

There are hundreds of businesses in your area that you can approach and show your products to. Once you do that…once they see and touch Speaking Roses products, they’ll immediately start picturing their own company’s name on the things you brought in to show them. Your job is to come up with creative ideas on how they can use them to promote their businesses!

More About This Business Opportunity

The Speaking Roses licensing opportunity has numerous, affordable business packages that start around $8500.

And they include everything you need to start your Speaking Roses business – equipment, supplies, technical training, and even support. Plus, your business can be home-based!

Is this Business Opportunity right for you? I have no idea. But, my wife and her friends sure loved their most popular product!

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There’s lots to learn!

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