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Invest In YOU With A Franchise Success Session

If you want to buy a franchise-and be a successful franchise owner, the things you do leading up to your purchase have to be done right.

But since you’ve never invested in a franchise before, how are you going to know if:

A. You’re right for franchising

B. The franchise company is legit

C. You can make enough money

D. You’ve budgeted correctly

E. You did the right kind research on the franchise (s) you’re interested in

F. You’re looking at the right franchise(s) for you

Again-how will you know?


sink your teeth into a franchise


By Working 1-On-1 With The Franchise King®

We first met Joel after I left the corporate world almost 15 years ago. We knew from the start that Joel was genuinely interested in helping us find an endeavor that would support the lifestyle we were looking for. We liked his process, and he was supportive and very professional. We are very happy with the success of our growing business, and often think back to those early, important discussions with Joel.”

Margie and Ray Toombs maid brigade franchise
– Margie And Ray Toombs, Franchise Owners, Maid Brigade Of NE Ohio

(There they are, receiving a top sales award from the President of Maid Brigade)



Searching for the right franchise-so you can be your own boss and make lots of money is scary. You’ve looked at Franchise.Whatever for weeks, but can’t seem to make up your mind because the options are endless, and worse, choosing the wrong one could lead to financial disaster. And the thought of watching your money go flittering out the window with nothing rolling in? It’s enough to make you stay right where you are…not making any decisions.

Investing In A Franchise Success Session will end that overwhelm and answer alllll the what ifs that have stopped you from putting your money in the right franchise for you and your family.

This is your chance to get solid info under you so you can feel GOOD about what comes next. Your own business!


invest in you with a franchise success session


Invest In You By Investing In A GUARANTEED Franchise Success Session With The Franchise King®

invest in a franchise success session with the franchise king joel libava

I’m The Franchise King®, Joel Libava. I can help you do this right-so you can be successful. So you can be a successful franchise owner!

If you’d like to:

  • Figure out if franchise ownership is something you should even be looking into, so you’ll know if you’re headed in the right direction
  • Learn how to calculate your maximum budget for a franchise, so you can keep your financial risk low
  • Discover where the best franchise opportunities are, so you don’t waste lots of time in pools of poor choices
  • Customize your search for the right franchise, so you can focus on franchise opportunities that make sense for you in your unique situation
  • Get access to ideas-specific franchise opportunities that you may want to look into
  • Master my powerful, and proven, franchise research techniques, so you can make an intelligent fact-based decision
  • Get a personalized evaluation of the franchise opportunities you’re focused on
  • Learn where to apply for small business loans, so you can open for business quickly and start making money
  • Learn where to find a competent franchise attorney who will protect your interests, so you can sleep better at night
  • Unearth specific ways to increase your chances of success as a franchise owner

I can will help you do those things and more.

To be sure, buying a franchise is a big deal. If you don’t know what you’re doing, a lot can go wrong.


you will lose your money buying the wrong franchise

Specifically, you could lose your money. That includes all the money you invested plus all the money you’ll owe.

“I luckily stumbled across Joel’s name when I was doing some in-depth research on the potential franchise I wanted to purchase. I first purchased his book (get the book!) and then contacted him via email. He’s been extremely helpful and he is honest. He may tell you a few things that sting but it’s better than getting in way too deep and out thousands of dollars. Joel works with you and he is user-friendly. He is truly there for your best interest and to assist. Use him!”

– Tammi Olsen, Virginia

Do This Right!

You need to work with someone who’s been there. Someone who’s done it already.


That’s right: I was a franchisee. I was also in franchise business management. Did I mention that I was a franchise broker-that I sold franchises?

As a result, I know franchising. I know the good, the bad, and the

Warthog 06-13

In a nutshell, I offer proven tips and advice (that you can take to the bank) on exactly how to find, choose, research, and buy a profitable franchise. Heck, Wiley Publishing asked me to write the book on it.


the top franchise book

“I was pretty amazed at how Joel captured nearly everything that was running through my head in considering getting into the franchise world as a first-timer. I thought I had been doing a great deal of research on my own until I read this book and Joel pointed out so much more I hadn’t even considered yet.

Very easy read, the author takes an entertaining and informal tone while delivering key information about all aspects of franchising. I finished the book in two days. (My wife asked if I had found a can’t-put-it-down mystery or something…)

– From a review of my book on


Here’s How To Work With Me To Increase Your Odds Of Success

I offer a couple different ways for you to work with me, 1-on-1.

For example, you can schedule a single one-hour Franchise Success Session. Our session together could turn out to be exactly what you need in order to feel more comfortable with your decision to become the owner of a franchise.

Or, if you feel you’re going to need more than one hour of my proven advice, you can choose from one of my multi-hour Franchise Success Session packages. (With some cool bonuses) You’ll see them below.

When you book a Franchise Success Session with me, I share everything I know about franchising; I help position you for success.

Some of the people I work with choose a one-hour* Franchise Success Session, and later decide they want more time with me. Some people invest in one of my more comprehensive multi-hour packages from the git-go. Do whatever you’re comfortable with…I don’t push. And, all my Sessions are Guaranteed!

guaranteed franchise consultation with the franchise king

*In the event you buy a one hour consultation and later decide to buy one of my multi-hour packages, I will absolutely apply a credit for the one-hour consultation towards whatever package you choose.

Choose Your Franchise Success Session Package Today

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invest in you

*** Special Discount For U.S. Military Veterans! ***

Veterans get a 15% Rebate on Franchise Success Sessions
(Just let me know-with proof of course, that you’re a vet-after you make you invest in a session.)

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone!

(And why would you want to?)

“Joel Libava was a tremendous help to me both during and after my franchise selection process. He took the time to get to know me and my situation, and he was able to come up with a really good idea for a franchise for me to investigate. Well, the franchise turned out to be a great fit for my skills and abilities, and I purchased it. He quickly responded to my questions during the research process-and even followed up with me after I started my franchise to make sure I was doing OK. Joel is a knowledgeable, caring and respected franchise expert who I highly recommend.”

– David Paltanavich, Boca Raton FL, Owner-Ask-Carol Franchise


It’s Time To Invest In YOU With A Franchise Success Session


What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson


I Can’t Wait To Work With You.

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