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A Simple Way To Drastically Increase Your Revenue

increase your revenue with a fast website

If you own a website that brings in money, there’s a simple way for you to increase your revenue…to make more money. Let me explain.

You may not know this, but the speed of your website can directly impact your revenue. Did you notice how fast the website you’re on right now loads?

Humor me. Go here and type in

speedy franchise website

Is your website that fast? I hope so.

Anyway…don’t go. This is important.


How A Fast Website Speed Can Increase Your Revenue

Internet Marketing Professionals Agree

From, one of the most trusted Online Marketing And SEO resources in the world:

Google has indicated site speed (and as a result, page speed) is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages. And research has shown that Google might be specifically measuring time to first byte as when it considers page speed. In addition, a slow page speed means that search engines can crawl fewer pages using their allocated crawl budget, and this could negatively affect your indexation.”

Without getting too much in the weeds, you need to know that Google engineers use 200 different ranking factors to rank websites. One of them is site speed. And most experts feel that speed is one of the most important ranking factors of all. But it’s not just about Google, Bing, and other search engines.


Apart from pleasing search engines, consider how users perceive your website. Statistical evidence indicates that users want and expect a page to load in under 3 seconds. Page speed should be on your radar from the very start of web design when you consider that every second delay can impact conversions by 20% or more.”


Here’s An Easy Way To Speedup Your Website

If you want to increase the speed of your website, and in turn, it’s money-making capabilities, do what I did. Change webhosts!

In my case, I switched over to WPX in February. It was easy to do, and the company even helped* move my website over. It was easy.

And having WPX as my webhost is the #1 reason my website is so darn fast.

*WPX offers free unlimited site migration from any host to WPX, and it’s usually completed within 24 hours. It gets better.

Everytime I’ve had to contact them for something, their support team responds in less than a minute! Pretty amazing.

To summarize, if you depend on your website for revenue, you need to get up to speed.

Don’t delay! It’s getting harder to be found online these days, and you don’t want a competitor with a faster website to outrank you and get the business.

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