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Today’s Website Visitors Are More Skeptical Than Ever

It’s getting harder and harder for people…consumers and business customers, to figure out who’s credible and who’s not.

It’s nothing new…but, it’s a lot harder to do these days-mainly because of the internet.

It’s pretty easy to slap together a credible-looking website. A nice design combined with good copywriting can produce great results…for the owner of the website.

Except, it’s not about them. It’s about the person looking for credible information.


What Makes A Website Or Blog Credible?

Here are a few things you should look for to determine if a site is credible:

1. History

How long has the site been around?

While there are websites and blogs that have been online for several years that are less than credible, more times than not, the longer a website or blog has been around the better. Especially if it ranks high in the search engines.

Fact: The Franchise King Blog is the first-ever blog solely focused on franchising. It’s been around since 2006.
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2. Active Press Page

Does the website or blog receive media mentions, including links back to the site?

If so, it’s a good sign that it’s being taken seriously-as a serious and credible resource.

3. Blog

Is there a blog on the website?

If so, is it updated regularly?

Does the blog provide useful information and tips?

4. Social Media

Does the website owner take social media seriously?

Are there buttons or links to the major social media networks on the site, and are the accounts active?

5. Kudos

Is it easy to find out if others are impressed with the website, blog, and it’s owner? In other words, is there a section on the site where you can read what people have to say about it?

If so, do they seem to be written by real people?


Credibility Is King

Aligning yourself-your company, with a credible source can do wonders for your brand.

If you’re trying to figure out ways to reach your target market, a sponsored post or two may be the ticket.

You can write them-or you can have me do it.

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Here are some examples of what sponsored posts on The Franchise King Blog look like.

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– Jerry Wilkerson, Founder, Franchise Recruiters Ltd., and Former President of the International Franchise Association


Sponsored Posts Are For You

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