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Children In Your Town Need You To Open This Franchise

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Before I get into some details about a franchise opportunity that some of the kids your area need you to open, a franchise business that will really impact them…and their families, I need to share a personal story with you. It’s important for me to do this…for several reasons. It’s about what happened to me when I was a kid. It’s something that ruined my childhood dream.

And it still hurts, over 40+ years later.


A Story

My dad liked loved garage sales. When I was a kid, he would take me with him (on Saturday mornings) to one or two garage sales that he saw advertised in The Cleveland Plain Dealer or The Cleveland Press. I’m not exactly sure what he was looking for when we went to them, but I know what I  was looking for.

garage sales books


I looked for medical books at these garage sales. Books on first aid, human anatomy, and diseases. Would you like to know why?

I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up.

As a matter of fact, between the ages of 12 and 13, I obsessed about it. I studied and memorized a lot of things about the human body that interested me. I dissected insects. I went to the library a lot. I read and read and read…

Then it happened.

All of a sudden I was in The Class. Biology class. The class I couldn’t wait to take. My first official junior high level class that had to do with my passion. I was on cloud 9.

Until I wasn’t.

I got a “D” in the class.

Biology class wasn’t at all what I thought it would be like. I figured with my knowledge of anatomy and other assorted scientific things, I would breeze through the class. Heck, in my mind, I had assumed that I would be answering the teacher’s questions before he finished asking them! Boy, was I wrong.

And, as an added bonus, my math skills were terrible.

Here’s what I learned in 8th grade:

I had a problem learning.



My Guidance Counselor put me through a battery of tests to see if he could figure out why my grades were so horrible.

The tests showed that I was a great reader, a good speaker, and that I had an amazing memory. I just couldn’t put those skills together in order to succeed in class.

And, no one knew what to do to help me succeed.

That’s because back then, no one knew enough about Attention Deficit Disorder. (ADD) I didn’t find out I even had ADD until around 15 years ago.

Here’s the thing: I don’t remember being offered any tutoring. I only remember struggling. And failing. And, failing didn’t exactly make me feel confident about myself.

I didn’t enjoy school. At all. It was a very negative experience for me.

If only I had more help. If only TD was around back then. I sometimes wonder what my life would be like today if I had gotten the help I desperately needed.

I still feel sad about the difficulties I had in school. At the time, I didn’t feel there was any hope for me. That lack of hope served as an excuse to give up. I didn’t work as hard as I could because I felt I would fail miserably anyway.

That’s  sad.


A Lot Of Today’s Kids Struggle And Fail In School

Do you know any kids that struggle in school?

Do you have a child who’s struggling with his or her math or science classes?

If so, isn’t it frustrating to watch?

If not, you’re lucky. Some kids excel in school. Some kids don’t even have to work that hard to get amazing grades.

(Know any of those?)

There is  a solution, and if you’re interested, you can be part of it.

So more children in your town do this.

children in your town need you to open this franchise



Children In Your Town Need You To Open This Franchise

Have you been searching for a franchise to own? Have you been looking for an opportunity that’s “different?” Keep reading. How would you like to own a home-based, relatively low-cost franchise business that’s focused on children who are struggling in school? That’s right: a home-based business. A franchise opportunity that doesn’t require a storefront-and the high expenses associated with leasing a commercial space. Still interested?



The Tutor Doctor® Franchise Opportunity

If you become a franchise owner of a Tutor Doctor® franchise in your local area, you won’t be the tutor. That’s right: The franchise development team at Tutor Doctor isn’t looking to recruit teachers as franchisees. (83% of franchisees have NO background in education). They’re looking to recruit leaders. Business people. Ones who care. Is that you? Tutor Doctor Franchise Facts:

      • Tutor Doctor works with students of any age on any subject
      • Tutor Doctor franchisees recruit a network of independent tutors which they then match with students based on the students’ individual needs
      • Tutor Doctor focuses on identifying the foundational gaps in a student’s education and then matching students with a tutor who will help close those gaps
      • Tutor Doctor offers a home-based franchise business model with very little ongoing overhead
      • Tutor Doctor offers both single and multi-unit opportunities

tutor doctor opportunity


The Tip Of The Iceberg

Did you know that Tutor Doctor is one of the fastest-growing franchises around?

Do you know the size of the private tutoring market? Do you know how much it’s supposed to continue to grow? Ask one of the franchise development managers who will contact you after you fill out the contact form below. Growth projections are  off the charts.

There’s so much more to learn about Tutor Doctor. The information I provided here is only the tip of the iceberg.

Fill out the contact form below to learn more.

The franchise development team at Tutor Doctor would love to talk with you.

There still may be a territory available in your area.