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Own A Franchise And Keep Your Job


My late father and I helped many, many people become franchise owners with the Great Clips organization.

If you’re looking for an executive-level franchise opportunity that will allow you to realize your dreams of multi-unit ownership, this 3400+ unit (and growing), franchise chain could be worth a serious look.

Especially if you want to:

Own A Franchise And Keep Your Job

When you started your search for a franchise business, the thought of owning several hair salons was probably not even on your radar screen. (It wasn’t on most of the 4,000+ franchisee’s radar screens, either.)

This business has nothing to do with your knowledge, (or lack of knowledge) of hair.

From their website;

The ideal franchise owner for a multi-unit Great Clips franchise is not someone with actual hair care experience. It’s someone with operations and management experience, who wants to grow a nice business.” (The salon manager is the hair care professional.)

Great Clips® Offers Great Opportunities

Recently, I wrote a post about Great Clips;

Great Clips excels as a franchise organization. They do a lot of things right. For instance, did you know that they will not open a new market up until they feel they can do it right? Part of “doing it right” is making sure that they open a training center in the new territory. This is where the stylists get trained, and also where prospective franchise owners visit. Great Clips has over 65 North American training centers.”