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Even Rocket Scientists Call Me For Franchise Advice

Rocket Scientists Call The Franchise King®

(A rocket scientist)

I don’t get a lot of people from New Mexico contacting me for my best franchise advice.

That’s not a slam on the great state of New Mexico; it’s just a fact.

(If you do live in New Mexico, I’d love to offer you my franchise tips and advice.)

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STS-131 Space Shuttle Discovery

An Interesting Request For Franchise Information

I had no idea that Jim was a NASA rocket scientist when he reached out to me last year.

Jim filled out my request form, just like anyone does who wants to contact me, and I sent him an email back to arrange convenient time for us to have a short chat.

(I’m protecting Jim’s last name for two reasons. The 1st one is because of where he works, and the 2nd one is because of where he works.)

Jim and I were able to agree on a time, and I gave him a call…


Jim was getting close to retirement age, and didn’t fancy the idea of sitting around watching TV and other mind-numbing activities.

Especially after working at the White Sands Testing Facility.

The team at WSTF provides the expertise and support necessary to manage cost-effective, timely, and accurate evaluation of spacecraft materials, components, and propulsion systems. WSTF provides a wide variety of research and development, testing, and laboratory support to all NASA Centers, the Department of Defense, other government agencies, and private industry. The specialized facilities at WSTF are designed to accommodate highly technical and large-scale testing programs. The site’s capability for space-simulated vacuum firings of solid and liquid rocket propulsion systems is among the most extensive in the nation. WSTF’s location, facilities, and expertise have fostered a world-class reputation. – From NASA.Gov

Can you see why he didn’t want to sit around and allow his mind to stagnate?


Jim told me that he had always wanted his own business.

He contacted me to see if I could help him figure out what types of businesses-franchise businesses in this case, to start investigating. He wanted to use my expertise to help him find a franchise that could make sense for him. And, he wanted me to help him make sure that he didn’t miss anything in his research.

That’s right; even a skilled researcher…a scientist, knew better than to try to figure out how to research a franchise-all by himself.


Jim specialized in all things rocket-propulsion. Jim didn’t specialize in choosing and researching franchises.

Jim was…and still is a scientist. Scientists tend to listen and analyze the suggestions given by others.

This means that they’re smart enough to get out of their own way.

Are you?

 5 Questions:

    1. When your car or truck isn’t running properly, do you take it to a specialist to get it fixed?
    2. When you have a throbbing toothache, do you go to a specialist to get relief from your pain?
    3. When your hot water tank blows, do you call a specialist to replace it?
    4. When your child is struggling with math, do you call a specialist to help him?
    5. If your computer goes on the fritz, do you call a specialist to repair it?


Jim signed-up for one advisory session.

The 60 minutes (or so) that we spent discussing his ideas…his plans for retirement, and for possibly becoming the owner of his own business, was productive. I was able to share the pros and cons of franchise ownership. I was able to offer some actionable ideas for him to take while he was still working. We talked about finances. And, risk.

Jim appreciated my candor, and he told me that he wasn’t quite sure if he was really ready to invest money in a franchise. He told me that he still had plenty time to decide, and that he’d follow-up with me if franchise ownership was in his future.

We haven’t talked since.

But, that’s okay. Jim may not have not been ready to become a franchise business owner.

Not everybody is.

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Rocket Scientists Call The Franchise King® For Advice

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*Image of Space Shuttle Discovery courtesy of Matthew Simantov, on Flickr