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Own An Environmentally-Friendly And Much-Needed Franchise Business

The Year: 2004

The Person: Josh Cohen

The What: The Junkluggers.

Josh started using his mom’s SUV to pick up other people’s junk-to make money while in college. He got real busy real fast. It must have been because of his high-tech marketing technique.

(Josh handed out homemade flyers.)

Little did he know that his part-time, “I’m doing this to help me get through college” junk-hauling business, would turn into a full-time business.


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The Year: 2013

Josh turned his rockin’ and rollin’ business into a franchise business. He also started to focus on the “green” aspect of his business.

 FYI: A lot of the things picked up by the Junkluggers can be recycled.

Glass, plastic, textiles, paper, and metal can be recycled, and even items like old electronic devices like TV’s and radios can be stripped apart and recycled.




The Year: 2014

The Why:


5 Reasons To Consider Becoming A Junkluggers Franchise Owner

1. Experienced training and support staff: The Junkluggers team has been doing what they do for 10 years! The knowledge is there. And the commitment from Josh and his team to your success as a Junkluggers franchise owner: 100%

2. Dedicated franchise rep: A rarity in franchising, you’ll be assigned one point person who will be responsible for marking sure you feel (and are) fully supported-so you can succeed.

3. Call Center: A team of reliable and well-trained call center representatives-that are managed in house, answer calls and schedule appointments 7 days a week. Having a call center allows you to well…not take calls. Instead, you’re free to develop new business and provide personalized customer service.

4. Web-based Proprietary Software System: Powerful web-based software allows you to easily track, manage, and analyze all aspects of your business from anywhere.

5. Finance support: They have a full time, highly experienced finance manager on staff to help you set up and manage your finances.


The Who:

The Junkluggers Franchise Development Team would love to talk with you about opportunities in your area.

Do you:

  • Have the desire to grow and manage a multi-truck operation
  • Have previous sales, marketing and/or operations experience
  • Have strong people skills
  • Have a desire to network/build relationships in your community
  • Have a minimum net worth of $70,000 with liquid capital of $50,000

If so, check out this environmentally-friendly and much-needed franchise business today!

And let me know if you’d like some help.