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I’m The Franchise King®, Joel Libava. This is my franchise website.

My focus is on helping you take the guesswork out of buying a franchise.

I’ll let you in on everything I know about choosing, researching, and buying a franchise.

Are You Ready To Be Your Own Boss?

Let’s begin.

Franchise Ownership | Learn About The Franchise King®, Joel Libava

First, I’d like you to watch a 3-minute franchise video. Not only will you come away from it with a great franchise research tip; you’ll be able to get a good feel about me, and what I bring to the table. Your table. .

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  • If you’re thinking of buying a franchise and you want to learn the best way to go about doing it, you’re at the right place.
  • If you’re ready to increase your chances of success..real success in franchise ownership, you’re at the right place.
  • If you’re ready to learn how to lower your financial risk, you’re at the right place.

But, before we go on, if you haven’t already, please invest 5 minutes learning about my franchise business background and my credentials.

And, read the article I wrote for The New York Times website, check out the feature article Entrepreneur Magazine® did about me, and see how BusinessWeek and U.S. News And World Report used my expertise in franchising to support articles they wrote.

The Franchise is the go-to resource for today’s prospective franchise business owners…you. There’s no franchise website quite like it. Let’s begin.


The Journey

You’re about to embark on a journey. Let’s give it a name:

The franchise discovery journey.

Your journey-the same journey that has been taken by thousands of people before you, is not only one of franchise business discovery; it’s also one of self-discovery. You’re going to find out a lot about yourself. Some of those things you already know. Some, you don’t.

You’re Going To Be Tested

The range of emotions that you’re going to feel during this process will be different every day. You may feel super-excited one day and totally discouraged the next. You may feel confident one minute and terror-stricken the next. You may lose sleep. You may feel really mixed-up. You may decide to drop the whole idea and just go find a new job.

Every prospective franchise owner before you experienced the same things.

  • You may find that you can’t pull the trigger. It’s okay.
  • You may find that it takes you 6 months or more to make a decision. It’s okay.
  • You may discover that the franchise business model is just going to be too ridged for you. It’s okay.
  • My feeling is that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. You always have a choice. Always.
  • Just the fact that you’re looking to possibly become your own boss…that you’re willing to take some time to investigate the possibilities, says a lot about you.
  • And, while you probably have some fear…fear of losing your money, or maybe of making an embarrassing mistake, you’re on my franchise website right now. So, at least you’re willing to look. So, let’s go.

Everything you need to know about franchise ownership is only one or two mouse clicks away.

You’ll find straightforward information things like:

  • The power of franchising
  • Deciding if you’re right for franchise ownership
  • Determining your top professional and personal traits-so you can leverage them for maximum franchise success
  • Deciding on the maximum amount of money that you can safely invest in a franchise
  • How to narrow your choices in a franchise-before you even start looking for one
  • What places you should go to find the top franchise opportunities
  • How to choose the best franchises for you
  • How to do amazing franchise research
  • What questions to ask current franchise owners
  • What questions to ask former franchise owners
  • What questions to ask the executives at franchise headquarters
  • When to visit franchise headquarters
  • Franchise business plans
  • Franchise loans
  • Franchise legalities

And, a whole lot more.


franchise information

Most of the information on The Franchise is geared towards prospective franchise business owners. It’s straightforward (to say the least…you’ll see) and to the point. It’s truthful. As a matter of fact, some of the information that I disclose won’t be found anywhere else on the web. To put it another way, not everyone in the franchise industry likes my approach…my candor. You won’t find any inflated claims surrounding franchise success and failure rates. You won’t find me convincing you to buy a franchise. What you will find here are facts. And…


Joel’s advice greatly helped me streamline my franchise search. He is able to ask all the right questions and give all the needed information. A great source of advice-I highly recommend him.

– Jon Michelson, Future Franchisee


The Franchise website has been a reliable source of factual information on franchising since 2007.

If you’ve been searching for the best franchise information around, I officially decree that your search is officially over.  After all, I’m The Franchise King®. I get to do that decree thing whenever I want.

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Joel is a fist-full of knowledge and energy. I love his style and his book. He’s taught me a thing or two about franchise businesses and he shares that generosity of knowledge with everyone else, too.”
-Jason Falls, Founder, Chief Instigator at Social Media Explorer

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