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My name is Joel Libava, and I’m The Franchise King®

I’m a franchise ownership advisor. I teach time-tested and proven techniques that enable today’s prospective franchise owners to make a yes or no decision on franchise business opportunities that they’re looking at-with total confidence.

If you’re looking into franchise ownership, I’ll show you how to lower your $$$$ risk and increase your chances of success.

I’m the author of, “Become a Franchise Owner! The Start-Up Guide to Lowering Risk, Making Money, And Owning What You Do.”

(John Wiley and Sons, Publisher)


I want to help you become a successful franchise business owner.

If you’re exploring the idea of going into business for yourself, but you don’t feel like starting one from scratch, franchise business ownership is worth a look.

But owning a franchise isn’t for everyone. As a matter of fact, it’s really not for most.

That’s because most people tend to move away from risk, and franchising can be risky. (Unless you hang with me, and follow my always-gentle suggestions.)

The other reason that franchise ownership isn’t for everybody is because of The Rules.

Lots of rules.

Enough of that for now.


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I can help you become a successful franchise business owner.
Not only is what you’re thinking of doing, big, it can also be pretty darn tricky.

  • Your emotions are going to fire up.
  • Franchise marketing messages are going to scramble your brain.
  • Expert” friends and relatives are going to appear out of nowhere to offer suggestions.

Yep. They will.

And, when the thought of writing a $50,000 check To Subway® starts to upset your once stable sleep patterns, and you start absolutely freaking freaking out about what you may be about to do…

I’ll be an email, a phone call, or a Tweet away.

But first, I’d like you to get to know me.

Then if you want, we can talk.


Joel did a fantastic job by first taking the time to understand our needs & interests and then using that perspective to give us expert advice. In the vast world of franchise ideas it’s great to have Joel’s expertise as a guide.”‘ – Patrick McCoy, Multi-Unit Franchise owner, Snap Fitness



I Was Struggling

I used to be embarrassed about my career. To this day, I can’t name all the different places I’ve worked over the years. I can name the job titles, however…

  • Dishwasher
  • Busboy
  • Waiter
  • Manager
  • Maître d’
  • Radio announcer
  • Television announcer
  • Television camera-operator
  • Sales professional
  • Executive recruiter
  • Sales manager
  • Franchise sales manager
  • Franchise broker-consultant

I may have missed a few titles; I’m not quite sure. The point is this; although I was successful in most of my positions, I always wanted more. (I also put my two cents in on a consistent basis-I always had ideas to grow the businesses that I worked in.)

And I definitely wanted more control in whatever I was doing.

About Joel Libava, The Franchise King®: My Last Job

My last official, “job” was so dysfunctional, it still hurts my brain even thinking about it. Heck, Dr. Phil could have brought his entire crew in to tape a full week of episodes without even scratching the surface of all the sickness that was taking place at the automotive franchise that I was attempting to manage. It was bad. After I got downsized, (fired) from the franchise mentioned above, I set my GPS on “No Idea Where The Heck I’m Going,” and landed in my Dad’s franchise consulting business. Now, I didn’t wake up one morning saying to myself, “I want to work with my Dad and be the part-owner of his business.” But, before I joined him, I did wake up every morning with the thought that things did have to change. I ended up taking over my Dad’s local franchise consulting business (which just so happened to be a franchise), and during the next 10 years, I succeeded in helping a lot of people start their own franchise businesses in my role as a franchise consultant-a franchise broker, really.


Margie and Ray Toombs maid brigade franchise


We first met Joel Libava after leaving the corporate world almost 10 years ago. We knew from the start that Joel was genuinely interested in helping us find an endeavor that would support the lifestyle we were looking for. We liked his process, and he was supportive and very professional, never too pushy. We are very happy with the success of our growing business, and often think back to those early, important discussions with Joel.” – Margie and Ray Toombs, Maid Brigade franchisees

The Net

In 2001, I started to get interested in the internet. It was still relatively young, but it was getting harder and harder to ignore. I had just heard about something called, “Email,” but didn’t know what it was. (My wife had already starting using Email by then; but it was an internal communications tool at her place of employment.) My Dad had Email installed on his computer in our office, so I started to fiddle around with it, and eventually learned how to use it. I had to be patient though; it took 15 minutes for my Dad’s PC to fire up/connect to the internet. (Dial-up) After I had mastered Email, I started to learn about websites and blogs. Especially blogs. I saw that no one was writing about franchising, and I felt that starting a blog that was totally focused on giving advice to people that were looking into becoming franchise owners could really help me establish myself as a go-to person. Here’s my first blog and my first blog post.

While I was busy learning how to write blog posts—how to write, period, I was getting to be pretty well-known locally. (As The  franchise guy) I was getting a ton of referrals, and my consulting business was doing pretty well. One day, as I was walking into a rather large business conference, someone shouted from across the hall, “Hey! It’s The Franchise King!” That someone was Tom Sudow, who at the time was the Executive Director of the largest Chamber of Commerce in Ohio-The Beachwood Chamber. Tom knew me, and was starting to refer people to me that wanted to start businesses in our area. (Thanks, Tom.) Obviously the name stuck, and Jim Kukral, an internet marketing guru in my neighborhood who I had befriended, told me in no uncertain terms that “The Franchise King” was a great name, and that I needed to get it registered at the US Patent Office immediately. So, I did. (Thanks, Jim.) That’s how I got to be called The Franchise King®. Exciting, huh? Now, everything I do is Kingly. I own 3 crowns.


Laura Petrolino stole my crown!

(My favorite crown gets stolen a lot)


Royal Red is the color I use in almost all of my endeavors. On Twitter, I’m @FranchiseKing. There’s The Franchise King Facebook Page. And of course you’re on my main website right now. I’m most proud of The Franchise King Blog, though. It’s been a serious door-opener for me. And, it’s won some cool awards. Look! Awards like the ones you just saw, (because you clicked the link above!) are real attention-getters. It’s probably how Anita Campbell, a renowned small business expert, found me. She put out a call for small business experts in different niches for her growing website, Small Business Trends. I read what she wrote, and immediately proceeded to talk myself out of contacting her to write about franchising. I didn’t feel that I was good enough yet. Turns out that it didn’t matter how I felt about my abilities, because Anita sought me out.

Small Business Trends CEO, Anita Campbell

Joel is the consummate professional and a joy to work with. In reading Joel’s excellent articles that he contributes as an expert on the site, I can tell that he knows what he’s talking about. His counsel is informed, practical and in his clients’ best interests. ” – Anita Campbell, CEO, Small Business Trends


I’ve been “The Franchise Expert in Residence” for Anita’s Small Business Trends website for years now, and write a monthly franchise column there. Anita has given me lots of valuable tips and advice on writing, and I’m forever grateful to her for upping my game. I’m also been a regular contributor to Open Forum by American Express, and the Cox Small Business Navigator site. One more thing; I’m the exclusive franchise business writer for the US Government’s SBA.gov website, in their Community section. I’ve even written for The Huffington Post and CNBC.com Then there’s that book.


New Book Published About Franchising

In 2011, I received an Email from an editor over at Wiley Publishing. One sentence really stood out; “Joel, we’d like to discuss the possibility of you writing a book on franchising. Please contact us if you’re interested.” A couple of months later, I was offered a formal book deal. In December, my book was published, and the reviews have been great! See- top franchise books


I’m Not A Franchise Broker

I’m a franchise advisor, and it’s quite different. Franchise brokers and consultants are paid a fee by the franchise companies for being matchmakers. If you were to work with a franchise broker, it wouldn’t cost you a cent. It’s kind of like working with an executive recruiter. My service is totally different. As a franchise advisor, you’re paying me to teach you how to choose, research, and buy a franchise. I’m not paid a brokerage commission by the franchise companies anymore, and that fact alone changes everything, because it puts me in a totally neutral position. Basically, you’re paying for my expertise. Read this post to get a better understanding of the differences between brokers and advisors. This is a good time to lay my Mission Statement on you:

I’m focused on making franchising more transparent by aggressively informing all who wish to become franchise owners that there’s definitely risk involved, and then teaching them how to lower it through articles, eBooks, published hardcover books, podcasts and advisory services. I’m out to create a brand-new generation of super-successful franchisees! At the same time, I’m gently (sometimes) encouraging franchisors to only choose the best of the best franchise candidates, thereby increasing their chances of mutual success, which in turn, will lower the failure rates in franchising.


  Rieva Lesonsky

Joel Libava works hard to make sure potential franchisees are prepared for their new roles. He paints a realistic picture and is quick to point out franchise systems that haven’t delivered on their promises. Joel is beholden to no one, and he’s one of the most honest voices in the industry.” – Rieva Lesonsky, CEO, GrowBiz Media




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