Best Business Resources And Best Business Tools

best tools and resources for business

Check out my list of the best business resources and best business tools.

Some of the resources and tools I use myself; some I’m familiar with-or know the people who run the companies that sell them.

Some of the resources and tools listed are actually mine, and they’re clearly marked. Like these two.

I have affiliate relationships-in other words I’m paid a small percentage for the sale of these products/services unless otherwise noted.

But, know this; I’m very, very picky. I get several offers every week from companies that want me to try and/or promote their products and services…and want to pay me to do so. I turn down 90% of them.

The business resources and business tools I’ve listed below have been vetted by me and are Franchise King Approved.

Best Business Resources And Best Business Tools

Tools For Current And Future Business Owners

Have you done a net worth statement yet? Use my free net worth calculator.

A 3-Minute Franchise Loan Application

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If you’re trying to get a small business loan these days, you should use the best-selling business plan software in the world to help you make sure that all your ducks are in a row. Plus, no loan officer in their right mind would even consider accepting your loan application without a formal…and very thorough business plan. I’ve tested it out myself.

mr. tim berry

And, I know the founder, Tim Berry.

Before you get your business up and running, you’ll want to make sure that you set it up correctly-for legal and tax purposes. You don’t want to screw this up, as it could cost you a lot of money. Find the Best Structure for Your Business – Free Business Structure Wizard

Want to be able to run your business from anywhere at anytime? Front Desk is the answer.

Find out what your business is worth in minutes!


Sales and Marketing Resources

marketing software

My friend, John Jantsch, CEO of Duct Tape Marketing, helped create this sales and marketing software.

If you’d like to get your service or product in front of people who have agreed to see what you have to offer, sponsor my weekly newsletter. Here

Another good friend of mine, Chris Brogan, is The Master when it comes to Digital Marketing. You can be, too.

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Web Traffic, SEO, and Hosting Resources

Webmasters in the know-know to submit websites and blogs to this high-ranking directory.

Get help choosing the best keywords for your website and blog. This tool from Copyblogger is a powerful one. My previous webmaster had a free trial and I loved it! Take Scribe On A Risk-Free Test Drive

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Web Hosting

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