Learn How To Choose A Winning Franchise!

If you’re thinking of buying a franchise and you want to learn how to choose a winning franchise, I can help.

I’ve been successfully advising people all over North America on how to choose, research, and buy winning franchises for more than a decade.

I’m The Franchise King®, Joel Libava 

I offer guaranteed franchise ownership advisory services.

I’ll help you to take the guesswork out of choosing and researching a winning franchise. Working with me will arm you with the vital insights and information you’ll need to make a winning decision on a franchise for you and your family.

choose your franchise advisory package

Please feel free to read about my absolutely meaningless business background now if you’d like; just pop back here when you’re done.

If you’d like to;

1. Increase your chances of finding a franchise opportunity that will allow you to be super-successful

2. Significantly lower your financial risk

Read on…


I’ve worked with thousands of people who like you, have wanted to be their own bosses so that they could finally be in control of their own destiny.


While performing my due diligence on a franchise I was interested in, I came across Joel’s website, contacted Joel and scheduled one of his franchise advisory sessions. Joel made several suggestions that helped me with my decision making process. I greatly appreciated his wealth of knowledge about franchises and his un-biased views.”

– Larry Nicholson, franchise buyer


Joel Libava is one of the good guys. He has his clients’ best interests at heart. His passion, experience and honesty are invaluable for anyone interested in pursuing a franchise to own. I look to Joel as one of the true experts in the franchise industry.”

– Rush Nigut, Iowa Franchisee Attorney


The franchise marketplace is full of starry-eyed future small business owners who can’t wait to escape their current career. (Or lack of one!) Some will be very successful; some won’t. The most successful franchise owners are the ones who take the time needed to gather critical information about the franchise opportunities they’re interested in….and that’s what I teach my clients to do.


If you work with me you’ll learn how to become a franchise fact gathering machine!


Of course you can choose to do this all by yourself. Lots of former franchise owners chose that route.

Here are some of the things they did that lead to them going out of business;

  • They chose a franchise opportunity that seemed to be getting the most press at the time. (A hot franchise)
  • They bought a franchise that was perfectly aligned with their hobby or passion
  • They bought a franchise because they couldn’t find a job


We would like to thank you, Joel Libava, for your support during our start-up process. We appreciate your guidance during the franchise due diligence process. As a result of your franchise expertise, I feel that we made very few mistakes, and were able to open our business three weeks before our contract opening date. We will both use your name liberally when we come across others who are interested in starting their own franchise businesses.”

– Steve and Elaine Giordano, TeamLogic IT Franchisees


I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’ve left no stone unturned as you search for a franchise to buy.


I teach time-tested and winning franchise exploration and research techniques. If you need someone to guide you through the entire process, I’m the guy. If you’ve already come up with a franchise that you’re really getting close to buying, I’ll show you how to get across the finish line, safelyso you can sleep at night.


If you work with me, you’ll learn;

  • How to ascertain which types of franchises you should take a serious look at
  • How to determine your real financial capability
  • Where to find the finest franchise opportunities available
  • How to gather all of the essential information you’ll need
  • How to do amazing franchise research
  • Where to get help for your franchise business plan
  • How to get the right kind of franchise business loan
  • How to find a franchise attorney that will help protect you
  • How to make it through decision day


And, much, much more!


What I Don’t Do


1. I don’t work with any franchise companies as a broker. I’m not paid a commission to point you to any specific franchises. You’re the one doing the choosing. I show you how and where to find opportunities that may work for your specific situation, teach you fantastic franchise research techniques, and then allow you the space you need to digest all of the information you’ve gathered, so that you can make an intelligent and well-researched decision on your own. In other words, I’ll show you how to get there.

2. I don’t offer legal advice. I’m not a lawyer. But, I know a few, and if and when appropriate, I’ll be happy to refer you to my trusted network of franchise attorneys. It’s one more benefit you get by working with me. You’ll be treated like a VIP.


That’s because you are a VIP! If you do become a franchise owner, you’ll have an opportunity to contribute to your local community through the revenue you create, and you may even be able to create a few jobs along the way.


I have great faith in your work and you are very professional and ethical. I’m honored to have you speak at our events and work with our people.”

– Nada Norval, Ratliff Taylor-Outplacement


I was impressed with Joel’s story of his own crisis in the corporate world and what owning and running his own business means to his freedom and sense of accomplishment. In a matter-of-fact, very non-threatening way, Joel was able to convey the sense of what becoming a business owner really means and how franchising can be a proven process for highest probability of success. ”

– Franchise Seminar attendee



  • If you’d like to significantly increase your chances of choosing the right franchise to buy, I’ll teach you how to do it.
  • If you’d like to learn how to lower your financial risk, so you can sleep like a baby after you make your decision, work with me.


Invest as little as $295.00 to put my winning ideas to work. I offer a Money-Back Guarantee.

I’d love to show you how to choose a winning franchise!


choose your franchise advisory package

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