What Happened To Quiznos?

is quiznos going out of business?

Well for one, they just hired Stuart Mathis, a franchise industry veteran, as it’s new President and CEO.  Mathis was the President of The UPS Store network, a position he held for 10 years. He helped The UPS Store double-digit same store sales growth and recruited tons of new franchisees.  But, can he turn Quiznos Subs around? Rick Schaden tried a couple of times, and he was one of the original bosses.

The question of what happened to Quiznos is a very popular one outside of the franchise industry.  Inside the industry; not so much.


Many Knew About Quiznos

The franchise community isn’t a huge one. It operates more like a small town than a thriving metropolis. In other words, secrets don’t stay secrets for very long. Case in point, the extreme dysfunction that’s defined the Quiznos Subs franchise for years.

A lot of people got wind of some of the things that were taking place in Denver, but like good soldiers, most said nothing. (Quiznos headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado.) If you want to know a little more of what I’m referring to, check out this Huffington Post article.


Local Quiznos Franchises Have Disappeared

Don’t think that I’m never asked about Quiznos. I am. A lot.

Joel, do you know why the Quiznos at Cedar Center closed? (Cedar Center is a shopping center located near The Castle)

Honey, what happened to the Quiznos up the street? (Question from my wife)

Joel, should I buy a Quiznos? (Heck I don’t know. Why would you aks me?)



The Quiznos that was located up the street from me was located up the street from me, twice.

That’s right; the Quiznos Subs franchise near me opened and closed twice. Nothing like confusing the market.

And, it’s too bad; my wife and my daughter loved those toasted subs.

Me; not so much.

To all the current franchisees of Quiznos:

Best of luck…I hope that Mathis can turn things around for you. You invested a lot of money, and had real high hopes for your businesses.  You deserve to win.

What do you think? Is Mr. Mathis the guy to do it?

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