What Does Success Mean To You?

(Red Lamborgini Diablo, courtesy of Nan Palmero, Flickr)

If you could walk into a Lamborghini dealership, checkbook in hand, and buy one of the most sought-after automobiles in the world, most people would consider you to be very successful.

I know I would.

And, if you define success as the ability to buy whatever you want-whenever you want, driving around in a red Diablo fits right in with your definition.

In a material world.


The Look Of Success

There’s nothing wrong, (in my opinion) with defining success with stuff.

I know a lot of successful people who have a lot of material things…stuff. Some of their stuff is real visible.

I also know a lot of very successful people who don’t “Look” successful.

Do you remember a book called, “The Millionaire Next Door?”

I do, and I know people like that. These people…these millionaires, drive low-key cars, live in average-sized homes, and are rarely out and about flashing their cash.

And, a lot of them are small business owners. Some are franchise business owners.

All of them are successful, by society’s standards.

The Feel Of Success

I feel successful.

Even if I haven’t even come close to reaching my personal goals.

(Or, my financial goals)


I feel successful because I get to do what I like to do and get paid for it. Lots of people don’t get to do that. They have to hold on to their miserable jobs…or else.

But, not me.

I feel that I’m successful as a parent, husband, and friend.

I feel successful because I’m generous-when I can be.

I feel that I’m successful at networking with others in the franchising and small business space.

I feel that I’m successful because I did this.

And, if I can change the franchise world, I’ll really feel that I’m a successful guy.


Your Success

How do you define success?

Do you feel successful?

If you don’t, are you taking the necessarily steps needed to help you become successful?

(However you define it)

Is there something I could do to help you get there?

Drop me an email; if I can’t personally help you, maybe there’s someone in my network that can. I’d be happy to make an introduction.

Finally, about that Italian rocket up above….

I’d love to have one.

I’d feel very successful.


Here are some more cool cars.


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