Top Franchise Topics And Tips For 2012

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2012 was quite an interesting year.

It was dominated by a lot of loud political discourse on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

And, in-person political discussions were frequently of the “heated” variety.

In business, small business owners-including franchisors and some rather loud franchisees, jumped into the political fray…a lot.

Moving away from politics, the franchise industry had a pretty flat year as a whole, as the US economy continued to sputter along.

Some franchisors launched new products or new services. Some didn’t.

Some franchisors took advantage of hot trends, and were able to get some great PR in the process.

Below, is a recap of the past year’s topics and discussions…let’s see if you remember them.

One more thing: I’ve included a couple of useful tips for would-be franchisees, and even one for current franchisors.



This is One Franchise Blog Post That Really Stinks:


Quiznos Franchisees Got To Breathe Again:




Why Do You?


This One Cool Image Explains My Philosophy:


My Review Of McDonald’s DDTW


They Should Know Better


Frozen Yogurt Franchise Owners Didn’t Like This One


That Weird Wallenda Thing


Maybe All Of Us Should Do This


This Franchisor Doesn’t Like Me Anymore


Why Apple Stores Will Never-Ever Become Franchises


Bookmark This!


Franchisors Better Have a Social Media Footprint


The Hottest Franchise Trends



Once in a while, I step right in it.

The Denny’s Fiasco


Chick fil A: Bizarre Franchise Concept To The Max


Obamacare And Franchising


Did I miss any?

Care to comment?



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