These Franchises Help Save Gas

The Cost of Gas Today

If more of you would invest in franchises that save gas, there would be a lot more gas to go around.

Now, I hope that you won’t be disappointed if I don’t put on my Green Franchise Business hat; this post really doesn’t have to do with franchises in the green franchise sector.

But, it does have to do with saving gas.


Commuting Doesn’t Save Gas

If you have to drive to your place of business every day, you obviously have to use gas.

Unless you’re Barry Moltz.


Are with me so far? No drive-no gas used.

Here’s the deal; what if you could find an opportunity in franchising that wouldn’t require a commute to your place of business? Would you be interested in a business opportunity like that?

Yes? No? Maybe?

There are several franchises that don’t require you to get in your car and drive to your place of business. They’re in a sector of franchising known as home-based franchises. And, some of them really rock.

In addition to the fact that you would save a lot of gas, and even some maintenance costs on your vehicle if you owned a home-based franchise, there are several other benefits.

According to the folks at Franchise Direct:

Operating a home-based franchise can also dramatically reduce, and in many cases eliminate, commute time. Even if the business involves serving others outside the home, such as cleaning services, the ability to maintain a home-based office to carry out administrative and sales duties allows franchisees more time to generate leads and grow their business.”

If you’re at all interested in a franchise business type that can allow you to be in business for yourself for a lot less than you think, investment-wise, then you need to read something…and read it right now.

Franchise Direct recently released one of their fine franchise reports, and this one is all about home-based franchises.

There are numerous choices in a home-based franchise. There are even some that you would never think could be run from home.

Check out…

home-based opportunities


*Top image courtesy of Will Gotshall-Maxon, on Flickr


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