The Top 40 Questions To Ask Current And Former Franchisees: Question Number 2


I’m creating a series of franchise blog posts that cover all 40 questions that you need to ask franchisees, and that are included in my book, Become a Franchise Owner!


become a franchise owner book


These questions….the ones that I’m giving you to use in your franchise research, include some real game-changers. They are designed to get you the answers you need to make an intelligent fact-based decision on becoming the owner of a franchise business. So, you can be the boss. And take more control of your life.


Franchise question #1 had to do with learning the professional backgrounds of the franchisees you’d be calling.


Here’s #2; 


Ask this–


How did you find out about this franchise business opportunity?”


There are a number of ways that today’s franchise buyers are learning about the opportunities they’re investigating. Such as;



  • Through a franchise consultant/broker


  • They may have heard about it through the grapevine


  • They may have been a customer or client of the franchise business


  • They’re crazy Uncle may have told them about it (Really)





Find out. You’re going to want to know. Maybe it’s the same way you first heard about the franchise you’re now checking out. See if you can get into the franchisees heads a little on this. Find out how thorough they are. They may have painstakingly gone through website after website until they finally landed on the one that they now own.


Or, maybe they purchased their franchise on a whim.


Their answers to the other 38 questions that I’ll be giving you could depend on how they found the franchise they’re now in.


Stay with me here; you’ll understand what I’m getting at.


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