The Best Thing About Owning a Franchise Isn’t What You Think It Is

Tim Hortons, Saco ME


There’s a lot for you to do in your quest to become a business owner.

And you have no idea how much it’s all going to be worth it. 


 To Do;


  • You have to determine what type of business opportunities you should be looking at. For example, is a franchise-type of business in your future? Are you even suited to the business model of franchising, or should you try a non-franchise type of business instead? Like This One 


  • You have to figure out your total budget.

I can help you with that


  • You have to make sure that your spouse/partner is on board with you.

Don’t Let Your Spouse Steal Your Dream!


  • You have to know where to look for some great franchises.

Franchise Direct Franchises For Sale


  • Once you decide on one or two franchises, you’ll have to take the proper research steps.


After you choose the one that you feel has the best chances of success…


  • You’ll have to put together a powerful franchise business plan.

My friend Tim created the software that makes that pretty darn easy to do.


  • Once you’re done with your plan, it’s time to apply for your small business loan.


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Once your loan is approved, you’ll schedule training at headquarters, and start scouting around for a great location for your new business.


Your new business!


I go into a lot more detail about the entire franchise buying and research process in my very well-received new franchise book.

A Top Franchise Book

But there’s one thing that you don’t know about becoming a franchise owner. That’s because it’s been a pretty well-kept franchise industry secret.


Until now!


The Best Thing About Owning Your Own Franchise is This; 


That’s right; you’re going to have a spring to your step. That’s the best.


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