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I am discontinuing #Freecallfridays. However…

I’ll still be available for free calls…free franchise consultations. Keep reading.

Why The Change?

I’ve been doing #Freecallfridays for two years. During that time, I’ve talked (via phone) to over 250+ prospective franchise owners. The calls were all free. No problem there. I love helping! But, it’s time for a change. My business is changing…for the good.

My franchise directory-The Franchise Biz Directory, is finally starting to get decent web traffic. I’ve been spending a lot of my time promoting it-as well as promoting the franchisors and suppliers to the franchise industry that have paid for listings on the Directory. The Franchise Biz Directory isn’t just a web directory like Best Of The Web.
Submit Your Site to Best of the Web!
The Franchise Biz Directory is a web directory that features year-round promotion for advertisers. It keeps me busy. That’s good.

Another thing that’s been keeping me busy: Working 1-on-1 with people who are paying me for my expertise. The franchise ownership advisory services I offer take up a good deal of my time. Again…that’s good. I do have a kid in college.

I write for several online publications and small business and franchise websites. Writing 600-700 word articles can be time-consuming. It’s all good.

We are all busy. I’m not complaining. I’m just moving things around a bit.

Free Franchise Consultations With The Franchise King®

If you’d like to get my free franchise ownership advice, you can.

Join my How To Buy A Franchise LinkedIn Group.

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 linkedin group on buying a franchise

By joining-and yes it’s free to join and participate…unless LinkedIn management starts charging for it, you can ask me questions and I’ll answer them. But, there’s more.

If you’re a member of my How To Buy A Franchise LinkedIn Group, I’m going to allow you to call me once for free tips and free franchise advice. You just have to mention that you’re a member of my LinkedIn Group. This one-time free call will be 15 minutes in length. It’s your chance to get some of my free, personal advice on how to choose, research, and buy a franchise.

I’ll be taking calls most days. All you’ll have to do is send me an email, mention that you’re in the group, and we’ll figure out a day and time.

How does that sound?

Read more about my LinkedIn Group.



Here are a few examples of some of the questions I get asked:

“How do I know that the franchise I want to buy is a good one?”

“How much of my own money should I put in?”

“What’s the hottest franchise?”

“How will I know if the franchise salesperson is being truthful with me?”

How much do Subway® franchise owners usually make?”

“What if the franchisor picks a lousy location?”

“How can I get out of a franchise contract?”

Can you think of one or two questions on franchise ownership you’d like to ask me?

Join My LinkedIn Group Today


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