Here’s What Happens When You Sue Your Franchisor


While I’m not encouraging this technique, it seemed to have had a major impact on what’s been an absolute franchise PR nightmare.


The Technique


File a class-action lawsuit against a franchise company…in this case, Quiznos Subs.

Do you remember what happened? A refresher



One Result



“The Quiznos Franchisee Association is a community of Quiznos franchise owners and shareholders dedicated to growing franchisee profitability, transparency enhancing the value of the Quiznos brand and strengthening franchiser-franchisee relationship. QZFA serves as the voice for members committed to protecting their investment for a sustainable future. QZFA is the only association officially sanctioned by Quiznos to represent franchisees.” Courtesy of


That’s Good News!


This is great news for the current crop of franchisees, and it may be even better for the new franchisees.

It looks like the executives at Quiznos are starting to focus on something that they should have been focusing on all along; their franchisees.


Do you think this fixes things? Will Quiznos rise from the ashes? Would you buy a Quiznos franchise?


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