How’s Your Search For an Executive Position Going?


I’m not trying to be cruel here, but if you are hunting around for an executive-level job, how much longer are you going to do it?


Although your answer will most likely be something like, “until I find a job, Joel,” that’s not really what I was looking for here. Let me explain, by way of a quick little video.





Are you the dog? I hope not. Knocking your head against the wall gets old-pretty fast. Something has to change for you. (Pretty darn soon, I’m guessing.)


Lots of things get kind of old during a long drawn-out job search. Like;


  • Out of town interviews


  • Multi-interview interviews


  • Phone interviews


  • Interviews with 26 year old HR “specialists


  • Cover letter customization


  • 3-hour psychological tests


Of course, nothing’s beats spending two months doing all the above with one company, and then getting that dreaded phone call;


You’re credentials are certainly outstanding, your references are stellar, and we really like you. But, we’ve decided to go another direction, and we’ve made an internal hire.”



Are You Done Now?


Have you had enough? Are you sick of  allowing everyone else to control your career? Are you sick and tired of the games? Have you finally come to the realization that even if you do get another high-level job, it will only last 2-4 years, and you’ll be doing this crap all over again?


Are you mad enough yet? 


Are you ready to open yourself up to the possibilities?


One possibility I’m suggesting is business ownership. In this case, becoming the owner of a franchise-type of business.


Now, I don’t want you to start looking at franchises…or any other type of businesses for that matter, unless you really want to own what you do. You’ll need to be ready to become the boss. Please don’t make the mistake of investing in a business of your own just because you’re angry at corporate America, and you want to show them a thing or two. Can’t find a good job? Don’t buy a franchise for that reason only.


Become a Franchise Owner Because You Finally Want to Own What You Do!


Read about these 5 things, and you’ll start to understand what I mean.


Of course, franchise ownership isn’t for everyone. But, you do get some Fantastic Things.


You may or may not be ready to explore owning your own business. Maybe getting another job is the only thing you should really be focusing on. Just because I’m suggesting that franchise ownership could be one option to consider, doesn’t mean it has to be one for you to consider.


I’m just putting it out there.


And Here.



You probably spend hours searching endlessly online for something. Hours. If you can spare just 10 minutes, we should talk.


10 Minutes 




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  • Jordan

    You are so right. Franchising is the way to go, especially in this economy.