Who The Heck Are You Voting For?

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The 2012 Presidential Election is almost here. (As of this writing.)

Which means it’s almost over.

If you live in a swing state, you’re probably grateful for the invention of Caller ID. I know I am.

2-3 politically-related calls are coming in on our home phone every day. And the TV? Forget about it. I live in Ohio. We’re getting hammered 4-5 times an hour with TV commercials-every day, by both campaigns.

And, all of the talking heads on the cable news networks saying the same things over and over…


A Question

Since you’re a member of my growing franchise community, I thought that it would make sense to see where you are-where your head is at-concerning the upcoming Presidential Election.

Franchising and politics seem to be intertwined a lot these days…I’m not sure if it’s good or not.

But, I know one thing; your vote matters. So vote on November 6th.

And, cast your vote now, too.


Thank you!


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I’ll let you in on the results in about a week.



The final results, as of November 3rd…


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Thank you for participating!


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