My Franchise Business Ownership Book Has Been Released!


My book, Become a Franchise Owner! is out!


And to think it all started in January, when I received an email from an editor at John Wiley & Sons. (a book publisher out of New Joysey) In the email, the editor, (Lauren) thanked me for writing this review of David Siteman Garland’s small business marketing book. Then she wrote this;

The review brought me to your franchise website/blog; you have great ideas and a solid position. I would love to talk to you about possible publishing opportunities. Your message would indeed resonate with a wide and eager audience of budding entrepreneurs.”

That’s how I got a book deal. And 11 months later, it’s on store shelves now. It’s also available on your Kindle.


Joel takes the guesswork out of buying a franchise by setting the record straight in an easy-to-understand way. The book takes the reader on a journey of discovery..about one’s self, about franchising, and whether they are meant for each other.” — Barbara Weltman, Author, Host of Build Your Business Radio

I love franchising. I love it’s potential. For the right person, in the right situation, with enough money…. with the right personality traits needed for a mostly-rigid business system, it’s a great way to be the boss. (Of course, one has to choose the right franchise business)  If everything lines up nicely, The American Dream can be within reach for the owner of a franchise business.

It’s just that most people don’t know how to choose the right franchise for them. And, they don’t know how to do proper research.


“You can always count on Joel Libava to tell it like it is. He talks with candor and well-gained experience about the skills that are absolutely needed to succeed as a franchise owner. If you’re in the market for a franchise business, this book is the place to start.” — Flo Schell, Founder, Franchise Coaching Systems


I’ve seen some great successes in franchising, and I’d like to help as many people as possible make it happen for themselves, too.

I want to create a new breed of super-successful franchisees.

My book provides the roadmap for those interested in doing this right.




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