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A benefit

One nice benefit of having a strategic partner like Franchise Direct is access;

I’m able to get immediate access to some of the big things they do, before just about anybody else.

Not only is Franchise Direct a top franchise portal featuring hundredsof franchise concepts for you to learn about, they do something that really, really sets them apart….

They do extremely well-thought out FREE franchise industry reports. Here’s their latest- it’s worth a look;


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The most popular (kind of…it didn’t make some of the folks who subscribe to my main blog too happy.) post last week on The Franchise King Blog encourages you to stop buying franchises.

It’s a little long. And a lot important. See if you agree

The website/blog of the week hails from somewhere in Oklahoma. It’s a place that needs rain. It’s also a place where technology, small business, and small town economic development meet at a fork in the road to make things happen. I met Becky McCray a while back. She runs this great site. She’s also a small business owner. The McCray’s own a retail store. And a working farm.

Please check out Small Biz Survival

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