Is Millions Of Milkshakes A Real Franchise Business?

Millions of Milkshakes

I’m being serious here.

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon a picture of Kim Kardashian drinking milkshakes from some type of Milkshake franchise? outfit, but I did. And, it seemed to have her name on it. I think.

Or, maybe she was endorsing it.


Or, maybe the PR firm of this new franchise? was using Kardashian, (and other celebrities) as part of a smart PR campaign.

I’m pretty confused about this milky mess, and it may have to do with this headline I found:

Kim Kardashian Milkshake Franchise In Bahrain Opens Amidst Protests


Who, (in the world) would ever protest a milkshake?

It’s a treat…liquefied ice cream. Who would want to outlaw a dessert?

Wait…never mind. I found out what some of the folks in Bahrain were protesting about. Here


Maybe It Is A Real Franchise 

I found this picture-supposedly taken in Hollywood, California, by someone who has an account on Flickr.
Hollywood: Millions of Milkshakes

So, based on the picture above, I think that Millions Of Milkshakes is for real.

Hey…they do have a website.

But, I’d like some verification.

Have you ever been there?

Or, is this some kind of milky PR stunt.

Do tell.

(Images shown courtesy of loren javier and Shaikh Irfan on Flickr  

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