McDonald’s Happy Meal Horrors! The Franchise King® Is Overweight And Out Of Shape Because He Had One Too Many McDonald’s Happy Meals 31 Years Ago


That’s right. My sexy profile has everything to do with the fact that when I was a young, broke, on-air announcer at a huge 1,000 watt AM radio station in Independence, Iowa, (in 1979) I purchased a little too much cheap adult food at the local McDonald’s that turned out to be eerily similar to a Happy Meal.

(A happy meal)

Now, I can finally get some closure.

According to The Center for Science in the Public Interest, that’s why I’m a tad overweight.

I am absolutely positive is has nothing to do with the fact that I’m not exercising enough, and that I eat too much at one sitting, occasionally.



I’m a free choice kind of guy; I live in America. The land of the free. I’m free to eat like an idiot if I choose to do so.

But, according to this non-profit group, it has nothing to do with my own choices, or even my parent’s choices when I was little. They took me to McDonald’s. A lot? Maybe. It was kind of a cool thing, back then.

Anyway, this group is calling McDonald’s marketing practices, predatory. They’re saying that McDonald’s uses toys (Oh No!) to reel the little ones in while they’re young, and that it promotes lousy eating habits.

Here’s what I think promotes lousy eating habits;

Time. Actually, the lack of time. Most people that I know are busier than they ever were. They sleep less, spend less time planning and cooking meals, and are just overwhelmed.

For this King, it’s all about convenience. That’s really what McDonald’s and Burger King, and even Taco Bell, sells.

Am I off base, here? Here’s the McDonald’s predatory marketing lawsuit story.


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  • Damian_Thompson

    Great post but you buried the lead my friend and I quote…
    “Here’s the McDonald’s predatory lawsuit story.”
    The key word in that last sentence? LAWSUIT
    Of course you pay some data company to give you the answer you want when there is money involved, you know, lies, damn lies, statistics, and all that jazz!

  • ToddWeissCFA

    You almost lost me with the profile photo. Just an FYI the Filet-o-Fish…is not a healthy option.
    On a more serious note, fast food provides convenience. It’s a choice. I eat very healthy but sometimes can’t resist a good Big Mac..mmmmm…even with the pain afterword.
    As Damian said last sentence “lawsuit” followed by “story”

  • The Franchise King

    Thanks, Todd.
    Was this another ROFL moment for you?
    Damian, thank you for stopping by!
    The Franchise King®

  • Treacle

    I think time is a big factor, but it’s also about price. Studies show that there’s a definite correlation between socioeconomic status and consumption of highly processed foods…mostly because these processed foods tend to be cheap (more calories for your buck).
    Most people actually want to eat healthier, but if you can get a full meal for the same price of a few apples, can you really blame them for choosing Option #1?

  • The Franchise King

    Thanks for your comment. You’re right;for most of us, it’s about value and convenience.
    Why can’t some of their food be better for us? It’s a great franchise!
    The Franchise King®

  • FrugalElla

    Yes, of course they do! They are in the hamburger selling business. Personally I hate McDonald’s – their food is gross. If I’m going to consume my daily caloric intake in one sitting, I’d rather do it at Wendy’s or Carl’s Jr.
    I have NEVER taken my kids (5 and 7) there. But for some reason – they are OBSESSED with it. Possibly bc grandma takes them. They can’t understand why I wouldn’t want it 72 times a week. So, is their marketing pull strong – holy cow, yes!
    That said – I still don’t think there is a marketing campaign in the world that takes away a person’s free agency. Until McDonald’s starts kidnapping customers, tying them to a chair and feeds them Big Macs intravenously, it’s no ones fault than the consumer when the cursed hamburger enters their system.

  • The Franchise King

    Thanks for popping in with your comment, FrugalElla!
    I still like their burgers, and always will.
    Now, about that tying up to a chair….
    The Franchise King®

  • Jill Miller Zimon

    Making me smile – you’re so sensible. That’s much more important than you profile! :)

  • The Franchise King

    Thanks for stopping by, stranger!
    I appreciate it, Senator.
    Speaking of lunch….
    The Franchise King®

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