Why Are McDonald’s McFranchisees Mad?

McDonalds worker in the early 80's

For a dollar, I’ll tell you why McDonald’s franchisees are mad..

I’m McKidding.

One reason that McDonald’s franchisees are mad is the recent news out of corporate.


For the first time in a decade, McDonald’s first quarter sales in the US have dropped.  


What’s the deal with that?

Everyone in the US can afford to eat at McDonald’s, right?



And, McDonald’s franchisees can afford to pay higher wages, right?

You should read this New York Times article.


McDonald’s Franchisees And Their Dollar Menu Woes

The reason that most Americans can afford to eat at their local McDonald’s restaurant has to do with price; there are a lot of menu items that can be purchased for a dollar.

While the Dollar Menu is good for consumers, it’s not so good for McDonald’s franchisees…and their relationship with the executive team in Illinois.

According to Nations Restaurant News, “Frustration over discounting has kept the franchisor-franchisee relationship strained, according to the results of the operator survey. When asked to rate that relationship on a 1-to-5 scale, with 1 meaning ‘poor’ and 5 meaning ‘excellent,’ the franchisees produced an average response of 1.93. “ Read more


Big Mac’s Are Big Money

You’re welcome to give me crap about eating fast food. Anyway…

The last time I motored up to my local McDonald’s Double Drive-Through, I was amazed.

Dinner for three was almost $20.

Now, remember, I live in Cleveland, Ohio…not New York City. Our cost of living is almost reasonable.

But, still…$20?

A Big Mac was $4.00. A large fry was almost $3.

That’s a lot of money for fast food.


Profit McMargins For McDonald’s Franchisees Are Dropping

McDonald’s franchisees keep insisting that their profit margins are getting lower and lower.

But, it’s not like they’re paying their employees a lot of money-that can’t be the reason for it.

They’re selling Big Mac’s for $4.00 each-those must be profitable. Right?

And, the soft drinks?

They have huge profit margins.

$1 Double Cheeseburgers don’t.

I get it.

But, when it’s all said and done, McDonald’s franchisees are still doing pretty darn well.

So, why are they getting angry?

Is their anger what I call, “future-anger?”

Are they starting to get freaked out about Obamacare?

It’s coming.
Image courtesy of SportSuburban on Flickr


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  • http://about.me/Lindeskog lyceum1776

    Joel: McDonalds should go back to real money and get paid in $1 American Silver Eagle coins. I will visit a McDonalds in Nevada one day and pay with a silver dollar and watch for the reaction… 😉

    • http://thefranchiseking.com/about-joel-libava-the-franchise-king The Franchise King

      Hi Martin,

      I hope that you bring your camera; I want to see the look ion the cashier’s face!


    • interventor

      They will take the coin at its $1 face value — you lose.