Maid Brigade Franchise Executives Show Their True Colors (Again!)


Maid Brigade, (client) continues to be one of the few US-based service franchise offerings to continue to step up to the plate to help Military Veterans start businesses of their own. Some of my most rewarding franchise placements have been with Veterans, and I’m always excited to help Maid Brigade get the word out..

Maid Brigade To Offer a 45% Franchise Start-Up Discount To Military Veterans

In an effort to deepen its commitment to US Veterans, Maid Brigade®, the nation’s first and leading Green Clean Certified® franchise, announced today it will begin offering qualified Veterans a 45 percent discount off the total investment to own a Select Market Franchise territory. The newly created program extends one of the deepest discounts to Veterans interested in owning a franchise business in the United States. Maid Brigade’s Veterans Program will be offered to the first 10 qualified Veterans, and applications can be found on the program’s website, located below…

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  • David

    I think that’s a great program Maid Brigade is runnning. I also think a lot of franchises have specials for veterans, but they don’t advertise it as well as the Maid Brigade has. I’m taking notes Joel…

  • Linda

    Veterans Franchises frauds and business opportunity scams. Beware of franchises for veterans – they can be nothing more than franchise scams and franchise pyramid schemes. Beware of franchises for veterans.

    Due to today’s slow economy and limited job prospects, military veterans are considering veterans franchises. However, many franchises may be churning franchises. The FBI defines franchise churning as a pyramid scheme. To protect military veterans from churning franchises, franchisefraud, and pyramid schemes, Jody Whistleblower, of Veterans Franchises Videos, launched new videos to warn military veterans about veterans franchises churning and franchise fraud.

    Jody also stated, “The steps to veterans franchise fraud include threats of frivolous lawsuits to coerce the franchisees to sign extortion-like Franchise Termination agreements. It is not uncommon for a script to force the franchisee to state that the franchisee had a fabulous franchisee experience, when in fact the churning franchise was a financial nightmare.”

    • The Franchise King

      I happen to the who runs Maid Brigade. You’re wrong.

      Some franchises are not good. Some do churn.

      Maid Brigade isn’t one of them.