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My job is to make sure that you’re headed in the right direction and that you leave no stone unturned in your search for the right franchise.” – The Franchise King®, Joel Libava


Work With Me. I’ll show you how to carefully choose and properly research franchises.


Joel Libava is a great resource for anyone thinking about becoming a franchise owner. After reading his book “Become a Franchise Owner!” I was able to narrow my search down to two Franchises that seemed like a good fit for me. I then decided to pay for a a one-hour call to talk with Joel and get his opinion on these two franchises and the due diligence process in general. My wife and I got on the phone with Joel and the hour went by very quickly. We were able to rule out one of the franchises which didn’t seem like a good match for my skill set based on Joel’s knowledge of that particular franchise. Joel then gave us some great advice on specific questions to ask existing franchisees for the franchise we were most interested in. Joel also gave us a suggestion for another franchise to look at in the same industry for comparison. I feel Joel’s advice was invaluable and I would highly recommend him for anyone thinking about becoming a franchise owner. I feel with Joel you are getting objective advice as opposed to the bias you may find with a franchise broker and certainly with the franchise representative. As I continue the due diligence process it is nice to know that I can count on Joel for further consultation if needed.
Mitch Lazar, Former Anti-Submarine Helicopter Pilot For The US Navy, Veteran


Two Important Questions

If you’ve never purchased a franchise, how will you know if you’re looking at the best ones?

If you’ve never purchased a franchise, how will you know if you’re doing the the right kind of research?

The answer: You won’t know. That’s why we need to talk.

I’ll show you everything you’ll need to do to insure that you’re not looking at the wrong franchise.

I’ll show you exactly how to go about doing franchise research…so you’ll feel confident about your decision.

I’ve never met anyone more invested in helping other people make the right decision than Joel Libava. He’s so concerned about potential franchisees-so determined to help you make the right decision, you would think he’s investing his own money.”

– Rieva Lesonsky , Small Business Expert (From the foreword she wrote for my franchise book, Become A Franchise Owner! Wiley Publishing)

My Goal is To Help You Become A Successful Franchise Owner!

Would you like to see me in action?

Here’s a short video I did…just for you.

My Services

Get Unbiased Advice From Someone Who Isn’t Trying To Sell You a Franchise

There’s simply no substitute for straightforward, unbiased one-on-one advice.

My advice is unbiased because I’m not a franchise salesperson. I’m an independent franchise advisor.

I work for you.

I’m not a shill put in place by franchisors. I don’t have a big, fat $$$$ commission from the franchise development departments of the franchises you’re looking to possibly buy waiting on the other side of our advisory session (s). In other words, I don’t have a hidden agenda. I’m not trying to match you to franchises for personal gain. Instead, I’m guiding you to sectors in franchising that make sense-based on what you say you want in a business.

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If you choose to work with me, you are my client. You are my focus. You get my undivided attention. And, you’ll get the answers you need in order for you to make a confident, fact-based yes or no decision on buying a franchise.

Become A Successful Franchise Owner

Some of my clients went ahead and bought the franchises that they were interested in. Some chose different paths after working with me. All of my clients have appreciated my candor and straightforward approach.

Joel’s advice has made me more aware of the risks inherent to franchise ownership (or any business for that matter), and I know that I am not guaranteed success in this model. That said, I believe I am putting the odds for success in my favor as much as possible by following the steps he has laid out.” – Matt from Chicago

(Last name withheld by request until he becomes a franchise owner-he’s still employed.)


Two Important Sentences

1. The things you do right now-before you sign a franchise contract, will determine just how successful you’ll be as a franchise owner.

2. I feel that for the right person, at the right time in their life, who’s in a good financial position, franchise ownership can be a great thing.

But, there’s no room for error. One mistake can cost thousands of dollars. Even hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Choose one of my packages; You’ll feel a lot better about things after talking with me.

Most people try to figure out how to buy a franchise all by themselves.


“I wish I had spoken with someone like Joel before I signed on the dotted line. Horror story; yes! I wish I had never bought the franchise I had bought. I live so far below the financial level I had 5 years ago. If you buy a franchise make sure you investigate the heck out of it.”
– Calvin Dennis, former franchise owner

Don’t Be Like Most  People.

It could prove to be very expensive.

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