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If you’re looking to buy a franchise, do yourself a favor and buy one of my fact-filled franchise eBooks. I’m The Franchise King®, Joel Libava – and I’ve taught thousands of people the best way to choose, research and buy a franchise.

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The franchise model has been called “The greatest business model ever invented.”

But, you must choose wisely and you must do a thorough job researching the franchises that you’re interested in.

I’ve been teaching and coaching people-just like you, for over 13 years.

I’m known as one of the franchise industry’s go-to experts on franchise ownership, and I’m frequently interviewed by media outlets around the country.


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I know the in’s and out’s of franchising, and I share everything I’ve learned over the years in my books!

My eBooks are easy to read-and easy to follow. I know you’ll find them to be super-useful.

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Choose from two; One is the complete A-Z on how to choose, research and a buy a franchise of your dreams, while the other eBook is focused on the best franchise research techniques.


The 1st franchise ownership eBook is designed to take you from beginning to end. You’ll learn the best way to choose, research, and buy a great franchise



One thing I really liked about Joel Libava’s eBook on how to carefully select and properly research a franchise is that it doesn’t get bogged down in business language. Joel uses the first person tense really well and even while you’re reading along on the computer, you get the feeling that he is right there in the room advising you. There are YouTube links as well as informative radio interviews with Joel talking about the state of the franchising industry.  Joel’s eBook provides excellent guidance.” – Donald Cranford, Editor, Franchise Direct


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If you’re at all interested in buying into a franchise business, I think you’d definitely want to become familiar with Joel Libava, his Franchise King blog, and his eBooks. Regarding franchises, Joel is the King there; he really does know the territory.” – Tim Berry, Creator of The #1 Selling Business Plan Software in The World


They 2nd franchise ownership eBook is a great choice if you’re confident that you’ve chosen the right franchise, and really want to focus on how to do great research. Great franchise research is the key here. 


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“Joel literally wrote the book on becoming a franchise owner. He is very knowledgeable (and very forthcoming) about the ins and outs of buying into a franchise system. I recommend Joel for concrete advice on evaluating the business end of franchise opportunities.”- Jeffrey Fabian, Attorney, Fabian, LLC

You’ll benefit greatly from Joel Libava’s experience in franchising if you buy one of these terrific eBooks.

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For anybody remotely interested in buying a franchise, Joel’s eBooks are a must read. They’re clearly spelled out with easy to follow steps. Great job Joel!” – Shaun Steckler, future franchise owner