Is Quiznos Going Down?

Sad clown

Franchisees of this Denver, Colorado based sandwich franchise have been way too nervous about their fates for way too long. How would you like to own a franchise in which your franchisor can’t seem to get it’s act together? Fun.

Franchisee Kevin Tackett, past president of the Quiznos franchisee association and operator of 8 Quiznos units in Florida stated that, “Many stores remain open only on the hope that it will get better soon, and many of them have run out of time, and money. We all just want it done.” Read 


Important! Read About All of This Franchise’s Headaches


News of a possible Chapter 11 style bankruptcy can’t feel all that good if you’re a local franchise owner of Quiznos. But, it could spell relief, and give this franchise chain a chance to turn things around. I’d like to hear from some Quiznos franchisees on this.


Here’s something that you may not know, if you’re not in the franchise industry;


Quiznos has never been, “loved” inside of the industry. Actually, there are several large franchise chains that aren’t exactly loved by franchise industry types. Should I write about them? (Let me know if you’d like to read about some of the scummiest franchisors this side of the Atlantic. )


It’s too bad that word never (until recently) seems to get out about franchisors that aren’t doing a good job.  Mmmmm. “Not doing a good job.” That was a little too nice. If you only knew…


Maybe I’ll share a few little known things with you in 2012.


I hope that Quiznos makes it. Let me rephrase that; I hope that the Quiznos franchisees make it.  If Quiznos stellar ownership/management has to file bankruptcy, which is certainly possible, I hope that the restructuring goes well. I wouldn’t want to see thousands of franchisees lose their businesses.


Today’s lesson for would-be franchise owners;


Do Your Homework.




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  • Lisa Hebert

    I’d like to read about some of the scummiest franchisors this side of the Atlantic including why Quiznos is one of these.

    • The Franchise King


      Do you think that Quiznos is a scummy franchise organization?


  • Chuck58

    I always liked their sandwiches. I think they have a niche market. Too bad management is doing such a poor job. I have noticed that all television advertising has ceased. How do you grow the brand if you have to rely only on your established customer base? I hope Quiznos can turn it around. I went to my local one the other day only to find the windows papered over and a sign saying “closed for renovation for 2 months” I hope that is true and not a way to disguise that the store is permanently closed.

    • The Franchise King


      A sign in the window like that is NOT a good sign.

      Email can be a great way to keep your customer base engaged.