Is ACN a Real-Live Franchise?

acn business

You’ve heard of ACN, right?

Oh…you haven’t?

Yes you have.  But, not because you’ve seen an ACN advertisement, or heard any radio commercials.

Think a minute on this.

Did you ever get a phone call from “an old high school friend,” who you haven’t talked to in 15 years?

Or, an out of town 3rd cousin, (once or twice removed) who had an “opportunity” he or she wanted to share with you?

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The Phone Call


Friend: “Well, hello Pam! How are you? It’s been a couple of years huh? Yuk-yuk-yuckety-freaking-yuck..heheheheh.”

You: “Why yes, it has. How’s are things going Sue? And, where do you live now?”

Friend: “I live in Duck Mountain, Oregon, and I’m enjoying life!”

You: “That’s great!”

Friend: “The reason I’m calling is that I’m in business for myself now, and I just had to share what I’m doing with you.”

You: “Really? What kind of business are you in?”

Friend: “I’m in telecommunications.”

You: “WOW! Sounds pretty technical. What do you do?”

Friend: “Well, that’s the best part; I work part-time in my business, and it’s not technical at all.”

You: “Really? So, what do you do?”

Friend: “Well, it would be better if I showed you. Do you have access to a computer? There’s a video I just have to show you.”

You: “Yes, but what is it that you’re doing?”

Friend: “It would be best if I just showed you. Wait until you see this.”

You: “I really don’t want to waste my time. Is this some type of  get rich quick scheme?”

Friend: “No, of course not, but I’d really love for you to see it.”

You: “What am I going to be seeing?”

Friend: “It’s really better explained in the video…”



Here’s Why I’m Bringing This Up


One of my Google Alerts just picked up an interesting Press Release.

Here’s the title;

Company Helps People Achieve Dream of Owning a Business


Ok. Cool. So far.

Here’s the beginning of the release; (From SBWire)

“With the economy struggling and millions of people out of work, the thought of owning a business is suddenly more appealing than ever.”

“But what kind of business would be best to own? How does one even go about starting a company? Would a franchise be the way to go? (I bolded that on purpose) Questions like these can prevent potential successful entrepreneurs from taking that all-important first step towards owning their own business.”

“Recently, a website has received a lot of attention for its ability to help people start their own business franchise (again, I bolded it) and get on the road to financial freedom. ACN Inc., the worldwide leader in direct selling of telecommunications home and business based equipment, has helped thousands of entrepreneurs reach their goals of business ownership.”

So, it’s a business franchise, right?

Here’s where it gets weird;

The fee to start up a business franchise through ACN Inc. is just $500.



A franchise for $500? Really?

On the corporate website, the business is described as “a home-based network marketing opportunity.”

See for yourself.

So, what is it? (Besides being insulting to the entire franchise industry.)

Please let my blog’s readers know what ACN is…and does.


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