Warning; Is Your Business About To Get Fined?

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Do you know what PCI Compliance is?

If your business accepts credit cards, you have some serious responsibilities, the major one being that you must protect your customer’s data.

It is the merchant’s responsibility to secure the technologies they directly and indirectly use to handle customer payment transactions.


Last year, I was able to help several people get into business, including Steve Giordano, a Cleveland, Ohio IT executive. Steve purchased a TeamLogic IT franchise, and is proving to be a seriously forward-thinking man. I wrote about the launch of his new business, here.

In this guest post, Steve shares some very important information about merchant credit card compliance rules. If you accept credit cards, please read this.


  • Are your systems secure in accordance with credit card compliance standards?
  • Is your bank or card processor applying non compliance fees to your invoices?
  • Are you aware of the penalties for non compliance if a security breach occurs?

Compliance makes good sense for your business and your customer’s credit card companies, credit card processors and banks are requesting merchants adopt credit card processing security standards as spelled out in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI –DSS) issued by the Security Standards Council.

PCI – DSS compliance consists of 12 requirements addressing processes and business
practices a merchant should adopt in order to secure their credit card processing. The
requirements address POS devices, computers, servers and network security, along with office operational functions.

Banks and credit card processors are beginning to attach monthly fees to merchant’s statements that have not implemented the standards within their businesses or are otherwise non-compliant. Also, credit card companies issue severe and costly fines to merchants found to be non-compliant if a security breach occurs.

If you’re small business is even suspected of a credit card data-security breach, things can get quite interesting. Read


(If you’d like to learn more about how to make sure you’re business is doing things right regarding this issue, contact Steve Giordano, at TeamLogic IT, Cleveland, 1-440.808.8200 or westlakeoh@teamlogicit.com He may be able to help your business comply!)

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