How To Use Your Ears To Learn About Franchising

All Ears...

(Some Ears.)

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. (Don’t worry, cat lovers; I’m not going to add a video about how to do that to this post.)

What I am going to do is suggest that there’s more than one way to learn about something that you’re interested in. (In this case, franchise ownership.)

Once in awhile, it’s nice to break our routines. For example, if you’re used to getting information about the things you’re interested in from blogs like this, or maybe a news-oriented website, why not change things up a bit?


Try Listening


What if you could, (just for an hour or so) gather some information on a topic you’re interested in by listening instead of reading?

To do it right, you’d have to turn your computer screen off, ignore phone calls, and pretend that the paperwork piled up on your desk was meaningless. In other words, you’d have to make a commitment to be at one with the audio.

If you’re interested in becoming the owner of a franchise someday, and you’d like to learn how to properly select, and carefully research the best franchises out there (for you), there are several opportunities coming up for you to do so, and they’re all free.

GWR / GCap Bristol Network Studio


I’m doing a virtual book tour for my newly-released book on franchise ownership, and part of the tour is going to include radio interviews. Here’s where you’ll find me discussing my book, but more importantly, where you can listen to me provide a serious amount of actionable tips that you’ll be able to use immediately. (In your search for that perfect franchise to own.)


11/28 –

I’m a guest on Barbara Weltman’s Build Your Business Radio at 4:00 ET 


12-1 –
I’ll be a guest on Social Geek Radio, with Deb Evans and AK Stout, 9:00 PM ET


12/2 –
I’ll be Barry Moltz’s guest on Business Insanity Talk Radio at 10:00 AM ET


12/5 –
The Official Book Launch! Listen at 8:00 AM ET as Jim Blasingame and I talk franchising


12/7 –
Nicole Fende will be interviewing me on her SmallBizFinance Radio Show atNoon ET



I’ll be Marty and Don’s guest on their long-running Franchise Interviews Radio Show at 10:20 AM ET


I’ll be John Jantsch’s guest on his weekly podcast in mid December. Just go to for the day and time


12/12 –
I’ll be Deborah Shane’s guest on Metropolis Radio at Noon ET


12/22 –
I’ll be Josh Smith’s guest, (and I’m bringing along a multi-unit franchisee that I helped get into business9:00 AM ET on biztalkwithJosh



Of course, the days and times listed above are subject to change. I anticipate that there will be more opportunities for you to listen and learn about franchising in the next few months.


If you have a radio program, and would like your readers to learn about the franchise business,just contact me. I’d love to contribute to your show …



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