How To Buy A Starbucks Franchise

starbucks is now franchising

Over the years, I’ve been asked how to buy a Starbucks franchise dozens of times. But, for some strange reason my answer never seemed good enough for the people doing the asking.

That just changed.

Keep reading.


My Old Answer To The Starbucks Franchise Question

The answer I used to give to people that asked me how they could buy a Starbucks franchise:

You can’t buy a Starbucks franchise. That’s because they don’t sell franchises. They’re company-owned stores.”

My answer really bummed people out.

stressed out new franchise owner

Now I have a different answer.

Starbucks just started selling franchises. All you have to do (besides having enough money in the bank to afford one) is move to Europe. And set-up residence in England or France.”

Aren’t you pumped?


Starbucks Is Finally *Selling Franchises

That’s right; the executive team at Starbucks has decided (finally) to take the leap and capitalize on their brand via the franchise business model.

In February, Starbucks opened its first franchise-owned store in the world.

The place: Liphook, a large village in the East Hampshire district of Hampshire, England. And now-all of a sudden, there are 45 franchise-owned stores in the U.K. And, they’re owned by only 9 franchisees.

The next stop: France.


Announcement: *Starbucks Just Stopped Selling Franchises

See below…

Starbucks Franchise Information Update From Starbucks Headquarters: 

Thank you for your interest in the Starbucks Coffee Company franchising programme.

We have a number of excellent Franchise Partners onboard and are therefore not currently recruiting any further franchisees. We will update this page should the situation change , so we recommend you check the website on a quarterly basis.

Thank you from the Starbucks Team

Hat-tip to my friend, Dane Carlson on that news.

But, don’t despair. Starbucks may decide to start selling franchises again. So, maybe you’ll be able to buy one again.

Starbucks Franchising Update #2:

An exclusive agreement to develop Starbucks outlets in South Africa has just been signed by Taste Holdings Ltd, with openings set to begin in the first half of next year, according to Bloomberg News
. It’s a 25 year license arrangement. (Similar to a franchise agreement) The company now has Taste has the license to operate the shops for as many as 25 years, plus rights to open in several other African countries.

They’re just not doing it now.

FYI: There are several other coffee franchises available. Do a search.

Keep reading, and bookmark this franchise article just in case they start franchising again.


How To Buy a Starbucks Franchise

It’s no big deal to buy a Starbucks coffee franchise. Especially if you live someplace else besides Europe.

Here are some of the things you’ll need to do if the Starbucks franchise development team approves your formal franchise application:

  • Sell your house
  • Sell your vehicle
  • Pack up all of your belongings
  • Quit your job
  • Leave your extended family behind
  • Cash out
  • Purchase a new house
  • Purchase a new car
  • Become an official European citizen

There are probably a few other things you’ll have to do, but let’s leave that list just like it is for now.

Of course, you’d only have to tackle that list of things to do if you were actually awarded a franchise.

Starbucks Franchise Information

I grabbed some information for you about opening up a Starbucks franchise from their corporate website.

Investment– You will need to demonstrate £500k of liquid assets (Almost $700k US)

Experience– Food and beverage experience and currently own or run a multi-site business

Role– Hands-on at first


If you’re approved for franchise ownership, you’ll (with the help of their development team) secure an optimum location.

Once your location is approved, you’ll start the Starbucks immersion program which will allow you to learn the ins and outs of running your own Starbucks operation.

One more little thing:

They want you to open 20 stores within the next 5 years.

That’s right; they only want multi-unit franchisees.


The Starbucks Franchise Opportunity

In a nutshell, Starbucks has started franchising-but they’re very particular about who they want as franchisees and where they want their stores located.

  • You’ll need to have a significant net worth to become the owner of a Starbucks franchise.
  • You’ll need to live in Europe
  • You’ll need to have food and beverage experience

And, it looks like you’ll need to be the current owner of a multi-unit food or beverage operation.

Those are very specific requirements.

If you meet them, owning a Starbucks franchise…owning 20 Starbucks locations could be an amazing opportunity.

That’s because Starbucks is an amazing brand.

And, when they start selling franchises again, they’ll be even better.


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  • The Franchise Mall

    Hey, Joel, you did your homework on this one. It would appear to me that the winners here will be corporations with some money, who will hire managers. Let’s face it, the average Joe doesn’t have half a mill. Good luck at finding your needle in a haystack, Starbucks. Have you thought of amalgamating, sort of like McCafe in a McDonald’s?

    • The Franchise King

      Thanks for popping by, Art.

      It’s the one time I did my homework. Kidding.

      Sure is a big commitment-20 Starbucks locations.


      • cindyann77

        Wow. Very interesting answer. I found this page due to needing to give my 15 y/o son an answer, since he thought his future plan for becoming wealthy might include opening a Starbucks. I think he has since changed his mind! Haha!

        • The Franchise King

          Thanks, Cindyann!

          Remember, it’s still early. Starbucks may eventually offer franchises in the US.

          And, maybe they’ll sell them one by one.


          • rose huang

            Hello, I would like to open Starbucks in my country Sarawak, Malaysia. The town of Sibu in Sarawak, Malaysia as there is a potential market since not have any Starbucks now.Please guide me for the next steps to start Starbucks. Very much appreciate.

          • The Franchise King


            Looks like they are only doing France and the UK now.

            Best to contact them.


          • Ali

            Would you have to pay 700k for every new location?
            Also, do they loan? I mean 700k is pretty high..

          • Bumtushig

            So high.

          • Laura

            i would like to open a starbucks in UK

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  • elmota

    Hey, I left a comment couple of days ago here, can’t find it, so I’m asking again, is your article above specific to Europe? Because alshaya group claim to own Starbucks franchise in the middleeast

    • The Franchise King


      As far as i know, Starbucks is only selling franchise units-multi-units, in Europe as of this writing. You may want to contact Starbucks corporate.


  • Raymund Say

    hey! i’m from the philippines, and i want to franchise a stabucks store, is there anyone i should talk with or call? here in the philippines couse it’s realy frustrating.

    • The Franchise King

      Hi Raymund…the best thing to do is to contact corporate-right from their website. Maybe they’ll decide to franchise in your country soon!


    • Guest

      you should start your own local coffee shop instead

  • Raj

    Hi I am from Nepal. I tried to contact all over the globe to get in touch with the international expansion dept of starbucks but no luck. Can you please help me get a telephone number of their international biz development branch in Hong Kong or Singapore

    • The Franchise King

      Here you go, Raj:

      2101-1399 (Hong Kong) or 0800-933(Macau). Alternatively, you can send us an email to, and we’ll do our best to reply as quickly as possible.


  • Praveshan

    I’m from South Africa and wanting to open up a few stores around the country. Do you think this is possible? Please could you send me contact details of the relevant people?

    • The Franchise King

      Thanks for popping by…The best place to get info is right on


      • Tim Morris

        I don’t understand. Please explain. Starbucks is in South Africa. They have their brand inside Southern Sun Hotels at the bar counters. Would this be a franchise, joint venture or license agreement?

        • The Franchise King

          Could be a joint venture. But, at this time they are not selling franchises according to their company website.


  • Guest

    Some people did not read the article. They are only doing this in the U.K.

    • The Franchise King

      True. Kind of.

      Now, they’re not even doing it there!


  • Guest

    You also have to have 700 K and open 20 stores in the next 5 years

  • duck

    Open your own business better than bucks
    why you need other business to buy and run
    if you really want to do business do it yourself, make a new brand , control your own money by yourself
    is it not better?

  • Dao Lang

    What a joke. Everytime I drink their coffee, I start to make gas. Cheap stuff.

  • vinay babani

    I am from St. Kitts and Nevis
    In west indies
    I have a two souvenir stores in st. kitts
    I would like to buy a franchise of starbucks coffee.
    is it possible?
    and what are the requirements?

    • The Franchise King


      Starbucks has stopped selling franchises for the time being.


  • Bijay Bist

    Hello, I want to do a business of Coffee Retail Store under Starbucks Coffee name in Kathmandu, Nepal. What’s process and procedures. Kindly inform me.

  • Arvijikh

    Hi, I’m from Ulaanbaatar which is the capital of Mongolia.
    My family has own company that operates building and trading.
    There is no Starbucks coffee shop, and I’d like to buy franchise of it. Is it possible?
    Please answer me as soon as possible :)

  • Kamron Ali

    Hey there I’m Kamron Ali, I own two food and beverage stores back in my country. I’m from Tajikistan and its been two years that I’m living in US. I have strong intentions to open a Starbucks franchise in my country. So my questions is are you wiling to work with Middle-Eastern countries???

  • Nemanja

    Hey there my name is Nemanja I’m from Serbia and I’m interested in getting Starbucks franchise, can you put a link or email over which I can contact someone with whom I can talk about getting franchise? Thanks!

    • The Franchise King

      Hi…Starbucks is not franchising at this point. Sorry!


  • Khaled Madhlum

    Hi, My name is Khaled A. from Basra/ Iraq, I want to have a business with Starbucks in my city, could you please tell me how can i have it??

  • Rinat

    Hello My name is Rinat i am from Czech Republic i want to open starbucks in my city Prague…can you send me some information what i need for start. Thank you

  • Yaw Ap

    I have realised that a lot of people want here want to open their ‘own Starbucks’. I am not sure whether because of the name or they just want to run their own coffee place.

    I want to have my own coffee place. However, it is quite impossible to run that taking into consideration logistics and other things into consideration. What about some of us coming together to set up, run and manage our own Coffee Place which would have international standard but local flavor and taste and culture sensitive?

  • Crissi Jonez

    What a great article, I have been laughing so hard. Well done ! You have a great sense of humor Joel.

  • Gerhard

    Hi FK, as a Franchise “adviser” what franchise would you advise for a newbie to the industry? Im from South Africa. Thanks

    • The Franchise King

      Hi Gerard-thanks for popping by!

      Your question is a bit too open-ended. I don’t know a lot of things about you-your budget, your skills etc.

      Help me.


  • Dr E.karami

    I have strong intentions to open a Starbucks franchise in Iran, in new situation do think you are interested. To do business with us, we have a great market here.

  • love jain

    M love jain from udaipur rajasthan (india) i wana do business with u. we have a great tourist place and now all over asia udaipur is the first option where all people spend and enjoy their holidays. I have strong intentions to open starbucks in my city there is no franchisee in the rajasthan it wil b honour to do work with you we have a great market here could u tell me plzz how can i have it? And send me information for what i need to start??

  • Alycee Padayachee

    I am Alycee, and I am very interested in opening a Starbucks in Durban , South African.

  • David Miller

    The 19 stores in Puerto Rico is being sold to Empresas Fonalledas